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A New Site-Specific Walking Adventure Play for the Romantic in Us All. 

Written and Directed by Katherine Harroff.
Choreographed by Blythe Barton. 

Circle Circle dot dot is pleased to present the third brand-new installment of our fan favorite Valentine's-inspired production: "San Diego, I Love You"! 

This year's original romantic rendezvous is set on the gorgeous UCSD Campus where audiences will be invited to play voyeur to the love story of Louise and Joanne as it unfolds before them with beautiful architecture, fun local businesses, and an ocean view as a backdrop. Our new tale of love follows these bright young women as they navigate and balance exploring sexuality with their collegiate life. 

So bring your sense of adventure and strap on some comfortable shoes to join Circle Circle dot dot for our newest edition of our romantic performance adventure and get ready to fall in love with us all over again! 

*Adult themes, and language are used in this production. 

Featured performers: Brittany Allen, Veronica Burgess, Beth Gallagher, Cecily Holcombe, Kyle Lord, Caitlin Ross, Whitney Shay, Cara Steen, Soroya Rowley, Alexandra Slade, Andrew Steele, Cara Vacek Hanhurst, and Taylor M Wycoff. 

February 14th-15th & 21-22nd. 
Performance Times:
1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, & 3:00pm. 

Starting location:
7th Floor Bridge
UCSD Hopkins Parking Structure
Voigt Lane, La Jolla, CA 92093
(Maps will be provided to ticket buyers before the event). 

$15 (Students, Senior, Military, and Actors Alliance) $20 (Adult) 

**Please note: This production has very limited audience space as only 10 tickets per showtime will be made available to purchase in order to help enhance the performance experience for our audiences. We strongly suggest purchasing tickets before the event!

Tickets for SAN DIEGO, I LOVE YOU 3.0 HERE or by e-mailing circle@circle2dot2.com to arrange reservations.


SAN DIEGO, I LOVE YOU 3.0 is performed as part of the 2014/2015 Season of Science, In-Residence at La Jolla Playhouse:

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