2013/2014 Season


In it's first attempt at creating a Christmas show "Bearded" told the true story of what it’s like to be a freshly-hired mall Santa. Based on interviews with actual mall Santa's, Bearded showed the chaotic and cathartic first day of a new Mall Santa who just wanted to see what it was like.  The show included a funny and touching cast of Characters that emphasized the good and bad of this crazy holiday.


Produced at: Tenth Avenue Arts Center

Written by Katherine Harroff

Directed by Patrick Kelly

Cast:Cory Hammond, Keith Hammond, Michael Nieto, Laura Kaplan-Nieto, Michael Parrot, Soroya Rowley*, & Taylor Wycoff

Crew:Stage Manager: Crystal Brandan* | Lighting Design: Bonnie Breckenridge | Scenic Design: Shaun Tuazon* | Assistant Scenic Design: Connelly Meschen | Costumes: Kristin McReddie/Katherine Harroff* 

Here is a great glimpse into the world of "Bearded" by our favorite photographer Rich Soublet Photography. Tickets are selling fast for the remaining 8 performances, grab yours at www.circle2dot2.com!

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"San Diego, I Love You 2.0" was the return of our site-specific production that show cases the neighborhoods of our beautiful city. Audiences met at Bourbon Street Bar in University Heights and guided to several locations to watch the love story of Grace and Chuck unfold. The second installment dissected the complexities of falling for someone in the military, and the incredible sacrifices made in the name of love. Join us for another wonderful journey towards happily ever after!  

Written by Sam Ginn & Julio Jacobo

Produced at verious locations in University Heights

Cast: Lia Peros, Michael Parrott, Ashley Toolan*, Ryan Kidd, Crystal Mercado, Jyl Kaneshiro, Durwood Murray, Kathi Copeland, and John Whitley-Gibson, Eddie Avalos, Justin Warren Martin*, & Theresa Wetherhold

Rich Soublet Photography ventured out on a preview of "San Diego, I Love You 2.0" February 8th-9th & 15th-16th yesterday...

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Based on true stories of residents of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) in San Diego, "No Place Like Home" is a acoustic musical production that takes audiences into the world of Daisy, a young, disabled woman who unexpectedly finds herself in exactly that hardship, and must do whatever it takes to survive.  

Written by Soroya Rowley 

Book & Lyrics by Soroya Rowley & Andrew Steele 

Directed by Soroya Rowley

Musical Direction by Andrew Steele

Produced at The Ocean Beach Playhouse

Cast: Katherine Harroff* (Daisy), Jon Huckaby* (Chris), Taylor Wycoff (Mary), Patrick Kelly* (Gabriel), Andrew Steele (Greg), Stacey Hardke (Player 1), Michael Nieto (Player 2).  

Crew: Patrick Kelly & Soroya Rowley(Scenic Design) Andrew Steele(Music Director), Renée Antoinette(Stage Manager)

No Place Like Home running May 23rd thru June7th publicity shots by Rich Soublet Photography! Get tickets for this acoustic musical by Soroya Rowley and Andrew Steele at www.circle2dot2.com!

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*Bonus Theatrical/Fundraising Events

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Red Planet Respite (ASU World Premiere Production)

Circle Circle dot dot was chosen as a theatre in residence at Arizona State University. During our time on campus, we developed a new work with the students which resulted in, "Red Planet Respite".

Thanks to ASU and the students who worked with us on stage and off during the development of this unique sci-fi production.

These amazing photos are from our production of Red Planet Respite at the ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre! The...

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