“...theatre can...be a weapon for liberation.” – Augusto Boal.

Anyone wonder how we work with our communities?  We use the 'CRAFT' conceptual map that stands for the five parts needed to develop any Community-Based Project, and maintain retention in the project.  “CRAFT” stands for:

CONTACT – Cultivating initial trust with a group, one-on-one introductions and discussions, transparency in practices, setting up reasonable time commitments, and determining a goal for the time put into the project. 

RESEARCH – The time to accumulate as much information as possible on the group we are working with.  And deciding on what the best resources are that I have to develop work with them.  (Lesson planning, interview questions, acting and writing exercises are decided upon after the CONTACT phase).

ACTION – Teach Workshops, and develop a new work of art that benefits the community we are working with based on our discussions and our research. 

FEEDBACK -  Create a dialogue during the workshop between organizing artists, and members of the community on the product we are creating and how best to spread the impact of the production. 

TEACHING- Through performance, talkbacks, and interactive activities, allow the product to inform audiences of the world they are emerging themselves into.  


Now go create your own Community-Based Project!!