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Kickstarting it up!

Hey everyone!  CCDD has had yet another exciting week of development, and networking in amazingly beautiful San Diego.  I don't know about anyone else, but ever since this project came into existence  it seems like life has become a lot more fun.

I'm using our blog post this week to talk about the blessing that is Kickstarter.  Have you heard about it?  If you are an artist, or just someone who has an idea- I strongly encourage you to take a look at this site and take the time to create your campaign to help you raise funds for your project.

Low and behold- CCDD  has a project that we thought was perfect for the site!  Our launch play happening this summer absolutely needs funds in order to pay for our space, build a set, create costumes for 10 amazing actors, and promote our longevity as a company.  So we got to work.

CCDD launched our campaign last Wednesday at midnight- but we took a lot of time to try and make the perfect page.  We met, wrote a script to create a film that could showcase us and our project, came up with incentives to try to encourage people to donate to our cause, filmed our video, agonized over our inability to make a perfectly edited video, eventually came to terms with it, and posted the campaign.

Since Wednesday- less then a week ago- we have already raised over $2000!  We must reach our $4000 goal by April 30th in order to get all of the money- and with this amazing start- I don't think we'll have a problem.  I don't think.....I hope not.  It's stressful!

This whole week I have been getting these amazing e-mails that have notified me of new backers.  Friends, family, strangers- people all interested in our project- have already donated to help us out.  We have gotten donations as small as $1 and as big as $500- and we couldn't be more grateful.  It's exciting- but it's also stressful, so I'm writing to hopefully give us another boost throughout the campaign.

We have hundreds of people coming to this blog every week.  Hi!  I don't know who you know or how you found us, but thank you for being interested.  Are you interested in seeing our show?  Well, one of our incentives to donating to our Kickstarter campaign is pre-sale tickets to our show this summer!  $25 gets you one, $50 gets you two AND a drink ticket!

So, if you're visiting, because you care about that fabulous Brendan Cavalier, or the sultry Soroya Rowley- get those tickets and help us out!  Does Sam Ginn make you pee-laugh like she does me?  Have you ever hugged Wendy Savage as hard as I have?  Does Evan Kendig make you dream naughty things?  Does Patrick Kelly make you swoon with his sexy ballads?  Do you know how awesome of an actor Kyle Sorrell is?  Does Jacque Wilke give you joy?  Is Melissa Coleman-Reed your idol?  How about Crystal Mercado?  Do you have any idea what that woman is capable of?  I do.  I know about every single one of these fabulous folks.  And I've got 'em ladies and gentlemen- rocking up the stage and I've also got the amazing Ashley Toolan AD-ing this beast, and your donation will help CCDD make them rock even harder then they already will- and you'll be able to get your reserved ticket out of it.

I'm not going to stink up this blog begging for money.  I would never create a campaign that didn't give back- so check it out- check out all our awesome incentives, check out our poorly-edited, but boldly-performed video, and share it with everyone you know- if you feel so inclined.

Help us make our launch project rock your socks off!

Here is our site:

Every little bit helps- and thank you, thank you, thank YOU!  Everyone who has already donated- you are AMAZING!  You are making our crazy dreams come true. We love you!


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Saturday Photoshoot and Sunday Rehearsal

Hi everyone!  CCDD had an awesomely fun weekend-yet again.  It seems like ever since we started working on this project every weekend brings some other component of prep for the show that is highly enjoyable.  On Saturday we took some publicity pictures of two of the couples in 'The Break-Up/Break-Down" so I could start designing the show postcards, and so that we could have them for print ads, etc.  Once again, the awesome Rich Soublet headed over to our insane asylum and hooked us up with some fabulous shots.  First meet Tommy and Missy (Brendan Cavalier and Soroya Rowley) sharing an intimate date night:

Here is another adorable shot of the happy couple:

We also took a couple of great shots of Sandra and Jay (Sam Ginn and Patrick Kelly) during a romantic rendezvous.  Check them out:

One more loving shot:

There is a very specific idea in my head that I needed these images for and I'm glad they came out so beautifully.  I am hoping to get shots with all five of the couples soon.  Thanks Rich!

Also, here is a blooper shot that we think would be perfect for Brendan's e-harmony profile:

The lady that bags this man is going to be a lucky one.

Moving on, Sunday night's rehearsal was AMAZING!  We worked out all the kinks of the shadow work that is happening in the first scene collaboratively.  I must say, I was a little worried about how it would all work out but the little Crystal Mercado goddess came in and soothed all my worries away with her limitless creative power.  Combine that with the shear insanity that is Brendan and Soroya together and it was not only fabulous, it was exactly what I wanted.  Ashley and Patrick were both there lending their expertise, and I realized exactly what these workshops need to be- as many people in the group coming forward and sharing ideas to make this piece not only work- but rock.  And I really saw that happening on Sunday.  Thanks guys!

More soon!

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The Buzz

These past two weeks have been such fascinating ones.  Once you get a little buzz things start to happen around you I guess.

Last week I wrote an article for a local San Diego Theatre website- and it was lovely.  It was also extremely nerve-wracking.  I am still figuring out how to exactly define this entire project, develop a positive public image, and maintain a long-lasting role in San Diego.  Writing the article forced me to stop stalling and articulate- which I think I did well.  I hope it made us seem hopeful, and not looking to fight for our worth.  I hope to prove our worth, and I have faith that we will.

After that article was put out, as well as after we went more public with our facebook page and posted some company pictures that we took to give folks an idea of who we were- after all this, people have started reaching out to me.  Through e-mail, facebook, and by stopping me to chat.  People want to know what is up, and they seem to want to be a part of it- or sometimes they just want to let us know they are excited.

Some people have heard of the content of our first piece and want to share stories that are similar in context!  Strangers are telling me things from their personal life, and all I can do is listen, and feel in awe by even this small burst of excitement.

But, with the positive is the negative as well.  Now listen up.  I am a woman.  A premenstrual, hormonal, theatrical woman- and I get sensitive.  And insecure.  And scared.  And sometimes I think everyone hates me.  Or that I am pregnant even though I'm not.

So I might be hyper-aware of things.  And I WILL get over it.  But I have seen the hint of doubt from a select few artists around town, and it bums me out.  How can people ALREADY be doubtful?  All we have done is posted some pictures!  Wrote an article!  Outwardly said "I'm excited about this!"  Heaven forbid any new artist TRY anything!  Heaven forbid we even SAY we are creating something new!

It is amazing to me how people are so quick to hate, doubt, and ridicule anything new- anything distracting from themselves.

All we can do is be supportive, accepting, and understanding of concern and doubt.  All we can do is love ourselves enough to believe.  And be GRATEFUL to those out there that are excited instead of doubtful and catty.

I AM so excited!  And not because this is perfect- but because we are taking risks, and we are TRYING instead of complaining about what we don't have.

No pictures or video tonight.  Just a little behind-the-scene insight from someone who is going through some new and 99.9% amazing experiences.



Guest Blog Feature: Managing Director of CCdd, Brendan!

Photo By: Aaron Rumley

This Sunday I had the honor of being part of Circle’s first rehearsal as one of the actors with one Soroya.  We had a couple people observing and Katie was our Director.  The following is my reactions to those rehearsals after a day or so of reflection.

First off, it was ridiculously fun.  Better yet, I knew it would be.  Over the past few years, even though I’ve been in a couple of comedies, it’s been a long time that I wasn’t surprised that rehearsal was just a ton of fun.  This isn’t to say that I haven’t had fun in rehearsals (that would suck), but it has been a long time since I knew it was going to be really fun going in, and it was.

Our rehearsal was split into two distinct parts, Viewpoints and shadow puppetry.

I’m going to start with the shadow puppetry part since it was something I was much more comfortable with in general.  The goal of the shadow puppetry was to simulate a sex scene in the most ridiculous and hilarious manner possible.  Which I have to say is going to work beautifully.  I consider myself as an actor to be very physically adept, this doesn’t mean I can dance … because I can’t; I’m more of a clown.  My comfort level with looking like an awkward, foolish, buffoon played wonderfully with Soroya’s legitimate coordinated sexiness, and turned into a dance with shadows, perceived distance and size that’s made our observers laugh to the point of pain, and I look forward to bringing it to a sizeable audience.  The Viewpoints exercise was very different though.

Katie (our head writer/Artistic Director) is very experienced with ‘Viewpoints’.  Viewpoints, as far as I can tell from my limited experience with it, is not only a method of developing characters, stories, possibly performance art itself, but also a style of acting.  Viewpoints asks the actor to let go of their cerebral side, and embrace their instincts and enact it physically.  This style is very different from the intellectual style of acting that I am much more practiced and comfortable with.  Not only that but throughout my personal life come to the conclusion ‘that my guts … have s**t for brains’ –High Fidelity.  If you know me, you’ll understand how Viewpoints can be a very difficult thing for someone whose M.O. is thinking too much and constant self-conscious over-analysis.

Sunday was very interesting for me.  I came to a few realizations about myself as a person and an actor.  While Viewpoints exercises striped me of my highly motivated and protective super-ego, and intelligent rationalizing ego, that at the core of me, I have a nerdy, flighty, terrified of women, 12 year old, engineer of an ID.  Big surprise, right?  I’m not sure what to do about that other than be aware of it.  As an actor I realized how dependant I am on segregating myself from the character I’m portraying.  It’s much easier for me to decide how a character would make a decision or react to some situation than it is for me to honestly describe that for myself.  Some of the questions raised in the rehearsal were shockingly difficult for me to answer, and showed me that I perhaps don’t know myself as well as I had previously thought.

With all those discoveries and with the absurd amount of fun we had in rehearsal; I’m a little upset that the next rehearsal that I’m scheduled for isn’t for another month.  I really can’t wait.

-Brendan Cavalier



Something Something...

So, I needed to post something and I didn't really feel like it.  BUT I promised I would write consistently, so here I am.  I knew this would happen.

Things are still happening, grants are still being applied for, but I didn't have a rehearsal this last weekend, so I don't have any fancy pictures, or immediate news.  The lull before the storm I suppose.  (:

So, to tide you over until more fulfilling content, I shall leave you with a super-sexy picture of Soroya:

I am a huge fan of Soroya.  We met while working together in a touring kids show.  She played an autistic little boy, and I played her 16 y/o babysitter.  She always shows up, is always on time, is always enthusiastic, and is enormously committed.  I love her ability to take risks- and to perform with total fearlessness.  I have admired her strengths, and am so happy to have her as part of our company.

So, I guess whenever I have a lull in content I will brag about my company members.

This Sunday will be the very first non-living room script exploration, so I'm sure there will be plenty more to talk about then.