Hello friends!  

Welcome to the Arizona journal.  This is where Soroya and I will be documenting our 3-month Artist Residency with ASU's School of Theatre and Film.  We'll be posting videos, images, interviews with our artists, and whatever else we find interesting about our time out here.  

I decided to start this separate blog because I thought it would be interesting for a select group of our fans to get a more in-depth look into how we do what we do.  Also, I suck at documenting the incredible things this company has accomplished in such a short time.  This is part of my attempt to be better at that.

So here's where we're at so far:  

On Monday, while most of you sweet San Diegans were still snoozing in the early morn', us gals caravanned into the city.  Nothing too exciting except a Red Bull exploded in my car.  

Yesterday we moved into our housing.  We're very fortunate to be staying the the Arcadia Dormitory Artist-in-Residence apartment.  Arcadia is the dorm for the Majors in the Arts on campus.  So in exchange for a few extra performance-based classes, we get to stay in a lovely and spacious apartment for free that's connected to one of the halls.  

Randomly, our apartment ended up at the end of an all-boys hall.  So Soroya and I have about 30+ college boys as neighbors.  There is a joke there somewhere.  Something about Mrs. Robinson's dream vacation spot or something.  

Anyway, we're happy to be here.  Here are a couple of pictures from where I’m sitting.  There are other rooms, but this is all you're getting internet:  


Nothing fancy, but nice and big and will serve as a nice place to work in-between classes, interviews and rehearsals.  It will be a magical Grant-writing space.  

Today we're excited to meet with our Production Team to chat a little about the piece and clue the designers in on our process.  We have some preliminary ideas for the show- but just like every piece we're taken on a ride through our interview processes.  Starting tomorrow we'll be having some screening interviews with different Scientists on campus to see what kind of stories are out there, and what is really the most pressing answer to the question that will remain the theme to our newest original production: WHY EXPLORE?  

I can't wait to learn more about our universe through the brains of the great minds we're fortunate to chat with.  

I also can't wait to get to work, and teach our first class this Friday!  

That's all I got for today.  More entertaining anecdotes are near.  I will be as prolific as possible on this sucker.  Once a day, or every other day if possible.  My hope is that this journal becomes a great resource for potential future residencies that CCdd could inhabit.  

Someone tell my cat Frankie I love and miss her.  And then scratch her chin because she likes that.  But not too hard, because she's sensitive.  

Here's a picture of her so you can see how much I'm sacrificing by being out here.  


The things we do for our art.  (;