Hi again friends!  

After a wonderful week of settling, interviewing, and teaching our first class, (which Soroya summarized beautifully in the last blog), we were ready for a relaxing 3-day weekend! 

I try not to talk too much about my personal life on any of my business publications, but it might be a little hard to avoid on here in some cases.  Like the fact that my sweet boyfriend (who is also CCdd's Technical Director) decided to take an unscheduled trip out to hang out with me this weekend, which made the end of our first week out here amazing.  

Me n' Pat waiting for the Phoenix Light Rail.

I've been a bit of a baby leading into the residency.  I didn't want to leave this guy and the comfortable home we've made together for the past 4 years.  But, Patrick needed to stay in town to help orchestrate "San Diego, I Love You 2.0" (have you gotten your tickets yet?  I'll be there Opening Weekend!), and I needed to be here, so yeah.  I'm a big baby.  But he came to visit me this weekend, which made me feel a ton better.  I know he'll be back soon.  We're not that far, and this is going to go so quickly.  It already has!  I'm just going to try to be in the moment, and enjoy this wonderful ride.  

Anyway, so what did we do with our weekend?  Since I know the area the best, I wanted to take the weekend team to my favorite part of Phoenix- the RoRo Arts District, or Roosevelt Row.  I remembered that this area had lots of fun businesses, arts complexes, and eclectic shops and bars to check out- BUT to my surprise the area had quite the facelift since I was there 6 years ago!  We were thrilled to find an incredibly impressive amount of Street Art, that I just needed to document for our "Street. Art. Prophets." fans out there.  Check out some of the incredible art we stumbled upon: 


Pretty awesome, huh?  And this just barely scratched the surface.  

We had a great time in the neighborhood, and just a great weekend entirely.  Patrick is on his way back to San Diego today, and I'm trying not to get sad about it.  There's too much to do.  

More soon!