Due to the depressing nature of my last blog on here, I decided to take the time to write a "what I love about Arizona" blog to juxtapose that negative situation.  I don't want readers to think that Soroya and I are living in a sexual warzone and constantly fear for our safety.  This is far from the case.  95% of the time we are fine. I wrote last week's blog because I was shocked by what was happening/continues to happen in the College neighborhood.  But I really do not want, nor would I ever let that experience ruin anything about this amazing opportunity.   So I'm going positive today and sharing all of my favorite things in AZ both from my past experiences and present.  Enjoy my top 5 short-list!:  

1. Arizona sunsets. 

These are like no other sunset I've seen.  They electrify the sky and the entire surface of the world below radiates with pinks and oranges.  For those few sacred minutes everything looks like a neon coloring book.  It's breathtaking.  And it's impossible to capture on an iphone, but I tried.  

2. Stray Cat Theatre

I've seen a lot of theatre that I loved in Arizona, but Stray Cat Theatre was always the most consistently awesome and beyond worth the price of my ticket.  In San Diego, there aren't a lot of arts organizations that are as willing or able to be as brave, gruesome, inappropriate, and unapologetic as Stray Cat Theatre.  Artistic Director Ron May has been able to carve out an environment where he can do whatever the hell he wants, and critics/audiences will support him.  He is a wonderful and talented man.  If you're in AZ and haven't caught one of their shows, you're missing out on something special.  Their next show "The Whale" opens on February 14th, and Soroya and I are very excited to attend!  


3. Camelback Mountain

Do you like to hike?  Do you prefer your hikes to be an athletic challenge, rather than a stroll?  Well then meet my friend Camelback Mountain.  It's a 2.30 mile hike that gets your heart pumping and gives stunning views of the Valley below.  This hike made a great impact on my fitness goals while I was in Grad school, and I missed it when I moved.  


4. Arizona Architecture.  

I am no Architect.  I wish I was.  But if you love looking at beautiful buildings like I do, AZ is jam-packed.  My images will hardly do the buildings justice, but I've been snapping pictures of some of the structures just around campus and the surrounding neighborhoods that are lovely: 

This upside-down pyramid is City Hall!

Can you tell that this is a fountain?

These light beams are by the MU. They glowed beautifully, and then they changed colors!


Last one. I'm a sucker for pretty lights.

This is a picture (not taken by myself) of the beautiful Grady Gammage Auditorium that was designed by Frank Loyd Wright.  Wright spent the later part of his life in AZ and created many structures out here that are equally as beautiful.  This building just happens to be right across the street from me- and I am very grateful to look at it, and see shows in it while I'm here.  

5. ASU's School of Theatre, Film, and Dance program.  

The very best things about Arizona to me are all wrapped up in this incredible program where I obtained my MFA, and where we get to now play.  This program made me the artist I am.  It's full of overwhelming talent and support from a brilliant faculty; who I owe greatly for helping me to find the artist I am today.  Circle is rooted in ASU's fantastic freeing performance education.  If you love what we're doing in San Diego- you have ASU to thank.  

This video of the MFA program is pretty great:  

MFAs in Performance, Design and Directing - ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre from ASU Sch of Film, Dance & Theatre on Vimeo.



Well friends, that's all I've got in me for now.  I gotta run to a workshop with the cast of our production! I promise my next blog will be more production-related!