We're blocking the show!  It opens in less than a month, and the press is already calling it a "MUST-SEE"!  Thanks Phoenix New Times!

We cannot wait to share all of the cool stuff that's getting packed into "Red Planet Respite"....all the media, the awesome costumes, and everything else!  But..we don't have that yet.  All we have are adorable actors working their butts off in rehearsal.  So look at them!  


From left, meet Colton (Dr. Noah Sellers), Rivka (Dr. Grace Rosario), Shannon (Dr. Jennifer Castron), Jeremiah (Dr. Lucian Adams), Kevin (Theodore Kinney), and Caitlyn (Addison Lee)!  

That's my head watching these brilliant/hilarious young actresses do their thing.  

The theatre we're working in is so big (by CCdd standards), that I get to do a lot of exercise running up and down stairs into the audience.  I'm going to have killer glutes by the end of this.  

One of my favorite funny moments in Act 1.  

I don't know what I'm saying to Kevin in this picture...but this is a shocking moment for me in the realization of how short I am.  

And this is the face I always seem to be making throughout our rehearsals.  This week has been such a joy.  

I'm going to try to grab one of these rockstars to write a blog for us in the near future too!  


More soon friends!