Well… today’s the day.  The day that we open Red Planet Respite, a futuristic Sci-Fi play about the first group of people to inhabit Mars.  As I reflect on the past three months of my life I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  To all of the people of ASU School of Film Dance and Theatre, to all the people who work in the Arcadia Housing complex and to all of the Scientists that gave us the inspiration and helped us to develop this work: words are not enough to convey how incredibly grateful I am to all of you. 


This has been an experience that Katie and I will never forget.  This experience has made us realize that residencies should be a major part of our work in Community Based Theatre.  To go where new stories need to be told.  To boldly go where no theatre company has gone before… ok maybe that is a little dramatic.  But I am feeling very emotional today. 


Tonight we celebrate all the hard work of our designers, crew, and our very special cast.  And this play is certainly something to be proud of.   We love you all.  We will miss you terribly.  Now on to the next adventure…