I changed the header to look like the image that i'm toying with for our company logo.  There is an impending photoshop class where I'm going to learn all the tricks and will be able to design all our postcards for shows and whatnot. 

I'm obsessed.  I love working this way and playing with themes....This will continue to change and grow.  But I thought it would be fun to take you on the ride as well.  Some of the ideas I am playing with are connect-the-dots....a play with the name of our company.  This is a little throwback to childhood-as is the name. 

The header has numbers on the first "c" of each Circle.....I'm not sure I like it.  This pic also shows the "dots" in blue. 

Still playing. 

Everything is rolling along.  After New Years I will be scheduling a photoshoot with company members, and then another with Cast members so I can get all the design elements done before I get into hardcore rehearsals, and so we can start advertising all over SD! 

I am looking for one additional cast member.  A woman.  One who is open to our ideas and doesn't mind being a lesbo. 

It's tricky, because I am fearful of letting new artists in.  I know I shouldn't be, but I am.  I am being extremely picky with who comes into this project, because it has to be perfect! 

This is totally my Black Swan moment.  (Just kidding to those who saw it, i'm not that effed up). 

More soon!