Hello Circle Lovers!

I made it!  I survived my first semester of grad school!  I'm 1/4 of the way to my Masters degree in Arts Administration, and official role of CCdd Executive Director :) 

Going to classes and working full time has been slightly more of a challenge than I anticipated.  After being out of college for 5 years, getting used to hundreds of pages of academic reading per week was pretty tough to adjust to!  Not to mention all the papers and other assignments thrown in there too, but somehow I managed and lived to tell my tale.

Classes were at times very interesting.  It was amazing to see how some artists make their way into  the "Art World" and see all of their trials and tribulations.  We also met several arts administrators who are actively working in the Boston area arts scene and were able to hear their stories of how they got there and some of the crazy things they deal with in the biz.

I must admit I am thrilled to be done with class for the semester and can't wait to enjoy my break.  I'll be back in San Diego for a short visit in just 15 days and I can't wait!  I'm super bummed I had to miss Ragnarok but know that very soon I'll be back with CCdd making even more fabulous theater for all of your eyeballs to enjoy.  In the meantime, i'm going to be hanging out with some dinosaur fossils here at the Boston Museum of Science. 

- Ashley Toolan! We miss you!