Yesterday we had our very first ever full-cast rehearsal-workshop!  I thought it was the perfect opportunity for the group of ten (as well as our beloved guest photographer Rich Soublet and beautiful Assistant Director Ashley Toolan) to do some Viewpoint/bonding exercises as well as work on the opening number in the production, to start developing the framework needed in order to open "The Break-Up/Break-Down" with a bang.

Having trained in Viewpoints in my Masters program with the SITI Company, I know that in nature it usually takes a group some time to feel comfortable in this style of exploration.  I figured that we could start opening some doors this evening and build trust and relationships day by day.

To my complete surprise this group has limited issues with comfort or trust with each other and it the entire experience left me feeling blown away by the beautiful compositions they have already been able to create.  I witnessed a group of adult artists play so freely in ways I haven't seen in a very long time.  I am so lucky to have such open-minded and open-hearted folks ready to rock out in this project and explore.

Here is a slide show of images Rich captured of the night.  They are equal parts ridiculous and lovely, and I am so happy that he joined us to play.  We love you Rich!

I love my cast!  I can't wait for next Sunday and the chance to play more.