If you came up to me right now and asked me how I was, I would reply  “Living the Dream” because that is exactly how it has felt since this group of close-knit-friends came together and formed the unstoppable force that is Circle Circle dot dot.


On the night of Tuesday, April 12, 2011 we as Circle Circle dot dot performed our first reading finally revealing to the public what secret weapon of comedy we have been building.  We were extremely nervous as we watched the house of the Diversionary Theatre slowly fill up with friends, local artists and theatre enthusiasts. Our apprehension quickly melted away with the first set of laughs that sounded during the “shadow-screen strip –tease” As the show progressed the laughter swelled and I swear some audience members were having trouble breathing, because they were laughing so hard. Scene by scene more and more laughter came and with each crowd outburst I became more and more proud and grateful to be part of this group of incredible artists.  Maybe it was the free wine that drew them but the audience members made the post-show reception last twice as long as the show as they started to pour out their own funny and absurd break-up stories and shared with us what were their favorite scenes of the production and suggestions for improvement.  The night came to an end and we (Circle Circle dot dot) found ourselves in the living room where it all started. With a beaming smile from ear to ear Katie said “This has been the greatest night of my life.” And with that, I can honestly tell you I know what it feels like when a dream comes true.

When Katie first had all of us come over and share our most embarrassing and absurd break-up stories, I don’t think we had any idea that the stories we threw on the table were going to snowball into such an incredible experience. 

 Circle Circle dot dot has rapidly become a dream come true for all of us.  This entire process has been fueled by the love of our art and the greater love for each other and it’s hard to not be excited when thinking about what greatness we are heading towards.


So… How am I?  My friends, I am Living the Dream.


-Evan Kendig

Thank you Evan.  That was very sweet!

On top of all the amazing things that happened this week, CCdd has officially hit our Kickstarter campaign goal!  It is still open, and we are still happily accepting donations for 16 more days!  Every cent of this campaign is going to the full production of “The Break-Up/Break-Down” performing this summer, as well as our future as a company- so please!  If you were planning on donating please do, and take advantage of our pre-sale tickets as well as any other fabulous incentives we have set up!  Check it out here:  http://kck.st/eblrQx.

And thanks to everyone who has allowed us to make our goal!  As well as everyone who made it our reading on Tuesday to help us sculpt our production!

The future is very bright indeed.

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