Circle has big hopes for our November 'LARPer' show- which is also in development along with our Trolley Dances Installation project.  Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign we are on top financially since everything we made off "The Break-Up/Break-Down" went directly into our bank account for our future projects.  Which is great!  BUT- like everyone on the planet save Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah- we need more cash. 

This is simply because we want to get better at what we do, and explore more unique and exciting ways to create our shows. 

For example- we hope to have a budget for giant puppets!  The LARPer world is full of monsters and creatures that we want to re-create in cool and exciting ways- but that takes a budget.  (I googled "D&D Monsters, and the one pictured is my personal favorite...a rhino with a gun???!?)

So, on our blog we are formally announcing our biggest fundraising event yet!  On September 30th we are hosting a Morp at the Space 4 Art downtown! A 'Morp' is otherwise known as a backwards Prom.  Over a year ago Patrick, Brendan, and Katie went to a "Vintage Prom" hosted by the Pearl hotel in Pt. Loma.  It was fun, and it was packed!  The San Diego Arts Community loves a good costume party.  The only thing this event was lacking was a dance floor! 

So, we came up with the idea to host our own party.  A Morp is the opposite of a Prom.  So we will encourage our guests to dress in any outlandish un-promly attire they can come up with!  Want to wear a neon onesie?  Do it at our Morp!  Have a Chicken costume that is collecting dust?  Well balk on down to our event!  Dressed as a Storm-Trooper to Comic-con and want to relive the memory?  Well now you have a venue to do it at!  We will be hosting costume contests for prizes for the most outlandish anti-prom outfits, as well as picking out a Morp Queen and King- so pull out all the stops! 

On top of the fun of dressing up, we will also have live music, and a DJ so you can boogie all night!  We will have photographers on site to catch the memories, and of course it wouldn't be a Circle party if there weren't adult beverages! Woo-hoo! 

We will be posting more information on the event soon- but this is your "save-the-date" blog post so we can get the party started! 

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