We asked Circle Circle dot dot company members what their worst Valentine’s Day memory was, here are their answers:  

Katie: When I was in high school I was in a choir that had to drive around town performing "Singing Telegrams" to people in their offices, at some fancy dinner, or at their homes- for the most part it was pretty fun.  We had to sing to the occasional solo guy that would ask us not to continue after our first song- but for the most part we delivered to very happy ladies.  One year, it was pouring rain on Valentines, so we had to run around town in the rain.  We managed to wrap up the entire day of singing unscathed until while we were backing out of the last restaurant's parking lot we got into a fender bender.  With the person we had just sang to.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Can we exchange insurance information?  

Soroya: I was in 5th grade and my BFF got like 5 chocolate rose Valentine’s Day Grams (one of them was from me) and I got none.  Why didn't she buy one for ME! 


Sam: My 2 best girlfriends’ and I were all single one year on Valentine's Day.  We decided we were gonna have a fun girl's night out!  Who needs guys, right?  Right before we were about to head out to the bars, my friend's mom wanted to take a picture of us.  We posed by a fireplace, and she captured the moment.  On a DISPOSABLE CAMERA.  That picture now sits on their mantle in a frame.  We were all wearing flannel shirts and awkwardly linking arms.  No wonder none of us met any men that night.....


Evan:  Ever experienced misery in surround sound?  It was my 2nd year in San Diego, I was a full time student, working two jobs and my girlfriend at the time was studying abroad in Australia.  I remember that it was a long day at school where I failed my midterm and at work I was the only one in the valet office and no cars came in the entire night. I finally get off work at midnight and get home to my roommate and his recently moved in girlfriend, taking over the couch with nauseating valentine's decorations and gifts.  This made me a little jealous considering I hadn't heard from my girlfriend all day and irritated because all I wanted to do was relax and watch TV. I grabbed a snack from the kitchen and went to bed, but couldn't sleep, because all I could hear was the constant creaking of peoples beds. First it started with my roommate and his girlfriend, then my neighbors next door started making sex noises that sounded like animal mating calls from the amazon jungle, then the lesbians below me started at it. At one point I could hear 5 different couples going at it and with my paper thin walls, it sounded like I was at a porn convention. Finally I grabbed some toilet paper, stuffed it in my ears and went to sleep.


Brendan: One year I spent the entire day/night bar hopping with a bunch of Gay men in Hillcrest/ South Park.  

Ashley: My worst valentine's day will probably be this year; I’ll be at work all day followed by 3 hours of Legal Issues class.  womp womp.


Patrick: My worst Valentine’s Day included stressing about what to get the girl I was dating for a month, then her breaking up with me prior to February 14th, but of course after having bought her some froofy bath kit thing that proved to be money flushed down the toilet.  She probably wouldn't have liked it anyway but it was loss of perfectly good cash that irked me and sent my excitedly single yet emotionally fragile self into the bar on my most hated of holidays.  I sat at the bar in my usual spot calling my guy friends to come join me in the hunt (everybody says Valentine’s Day is a great night to pick up chicks), but all were busy with their girlfriends.  After a few hours of lonely drinking and realizing that I was not yet ready to move on from the harpy who broke my heart. I just stared angrily at all the happy couples, so my friend the bartender thought shots seemed like the answer.  After the blackout I woke up at 6 am to the sounds of a chainsaw like snore in a strange bedroom trapped beneath the arm of a girl I didn’t recognize.  Despite my hangover I was able to find my way out of the apartment and take my first ever walk of shame only to find that my wallet was gone.  Praying that I hadn't lost it in the lair of the nameless girl, I went to the bar to see if my luck hadn't entirely run out.  I was greeted by my ever friendly bartender buddy, my wallet in his hand a smile on his face and before I could ask the obvious question of "what the hell happened", he simply laughed and said "you don't even want to know". I thanked him for the shots and headed home. 


Melissa: My date invited me out for a super fancy, elegant Valentine's dinner and said they'd pick me up after work... So be ready. I changed into a cute dress & prettied up my face. My date showed up wearing high-water pants that looked two sizes too small, thick white athletic socks stuffed into black dress shoes... And was completely & totally hammered. So hammered that I had to ask, "did you drive here??Really?!" Needless to say... No fancy dinner. I ended up driving my date home and drank the bottle of wine & ate the chocolates I'd gotten for us alone.



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