By Glow

Hi all,  


Our little 5-Short-Play production is closing Saturday night at the 10th Ave. Theatre, and we hope you'll make face to give it the closing audiences it deserves. This is our first show of our 2012 season and we are damn proud of it.  Many people came together (yet again) to put their souls into this production and we believe in it.  The stories are honest, and because of our incredible cast and directors- deeply felt.  


While we know this production isn't a Holiday show (and boy have we learned our lesson on what to produce during this season), we think it captures the hope and humanity that connects to the Holiday spirit.  And honestly, wouldn't you want to celebrate the holidays in a theatre listening to rap and learning all about 6 incredible Street Artists instead of at a Walmart?  We certainly would.  


Finally, we hope you see this production because we need you to.  We need audiences in order to continue.  And while our future continues to be bright, and our work will continue whether in a Theatre or in a living room- we simply wouldn't be able to achieve our mission of bringing community together without the community.  


So choose us this weekend over cuddling in the rain...(we know it's tempting.  we wont mind if you cuddle in our theatre), and choose art.  Help us have a future in San Dieo by telling us you want us to be there.  


We love you San Diego.  We love making art in you.  Thank you for reading, and thank you for your time.  





Circle Circle dot dot.  


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