Katherine Harroff Getting Shit Done.

Hello lovely friends of Circle Circle dot dot.  We hope you are enjoying the crazy Holiday happenings that are forcefully (but with good intention) being shoved down all of our perspective throats.  Don’t get me wrong- I love the Holidays.  I love cookies, and Christmas lights, and probably too much of the music.  But it certainly is impossible to get away from- especially if you aren’t a Holiday person.  So my hope is that all of our fans enjoyed some component of the Holidays, even if they can be annoying.  The spreading joy and love thing is nice.  The pushy consumerism and all of the end-of-the-year donation letters can be a lot.  Are a lot.  We know.  It will all be over soon and we can move on to the next thing to obsess over together.  Might I suggest kittens?  I am quite fond of kittens. 

Anyhoo.  Here we are.  Moving into 2013.  We’re still here!  I’m stoked about it!  But we have a LOT of work to do as a company before CCdd is a legitimate business.  So, we’d like to share with you some of our resolutions and perhaps get you in the groove for some of our up-and-comings, and maybe even inspire you with our hopes and dreams.  Here we go: 


  1. We resolve to build our business backbone in 2013. 

We have been getting a lot of amazing press and recognition for our work.  But this doesn’t mean we have deep pockets.  In fact, sweet friends- we do not have deep pockets.  We are still starting.  We are still working on a shoestring budget that we stretch and stretch and some of us still dig into our own pockets to make this project work.  We have figured out the whole “producing show” thing for the most part.  And we’re getting the hang of the marketing stuff- we can squawk.  But we dream of being a self-sustaining business and we simply aren’t that yet.  2013 is going to be an important year for us to get that ball rolling. 

  2. We resolve to make better shows. 

Not that I don’t love the shows we have already produced- I LOVE everything that Circle has ever done.  It gives me more joy that I can ever express to have this platform and this opportunity to create Community-Inspired Art for you all.  But I do know that there is always room for improvement.  I will be the first person to say- I recognize my own flaws as an artist, and I believe our work has gotten better with every production.  Which means to me, that 2013 will produce even more professional productions- but ones that continue to experiment and remain true to our mission and our cause. 

  3. We resolve to give back more to the communities we invest our time in. 

We connect to all of the groups we create pieces about.  But there is more to be done.  There is more to collaborate on and more to give.  I don’t know what that is yet, but it will happen in 2013. 

  4. We promise to not give up. 

This is not the part of the message where I complain, but I will inform you all that this aint easy stuff to do.  I do not come from money.  I have full-time work outside of Circle, as does all of our Company Members.  We look at this time when we’re working 20-hour days, and we see this time as an investment in our potential future.  It’s hard, it’s worth it, but it’s hard.  We are growing up together, and in some cases re-learning what we want out of being artists. 

But I promise you little Cootie-enthusiasts, my passion for this work has never left me.  I am sticking to this project and if there were ever the day-  I would go down with our ship.  But I gotta tell you, if this ship ever goes down it will be set aflame with fireworks and spectacular glory.  But I don’t see it happening.  Because we’ve got guts, and stamina, and passion, and we WANT this.  And we want you to be there with us every step of the way. 

So 2013 is the end of the amatuer, and the beginning of the future.  2013 is the year we rise and continue to make art that changes perspectives, sparks important conversations, and inspires compassion towards our fellow man.  2013 is gonna be our motherfucking year. 




Harroff out.  


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