Hello Friends!  

Tickets are going fast for 'Love Roulette' but there are still some left!  Get yours today- seating is limited and we will have to turn people away at the door if we reach our capacity- even though we really don't want to!  

So what should you expect from the night?  We've compliled some FAQ's on the night to make your life super easy- because we love you.  So here we go!  


1.) Where the heck is 'Dance Place San Diego'?   

2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego CA 92106.  But here's a map!  


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Our event will be taking place in studio 207.  This beautiful spacious studio was provided to us by the fantastic San Diego Ballet.  When you enter the building you'll need to head upstairs.  Studio 207 is the last large studio on the far right.  There will be plenty of CCdd Company members present and signs to guide you- so worry not!  We've got you!  There will also be ample parking surrounding the building- as you will see when you show up, so no worries there!


2.) What is the performance going to be like?  

This is a show that starts at 8pm.  Unlike Morp or some of our other fundraisers- this will be a normal performance with one 15 minute intermission.  So be timely San Diego!  

As mentioned previously, we asked 8 local playwrights: Sam Ginn, Evan Kendig, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Erin Maxwell, Stephen Schmitz, Delia Knight, Soroya Rowley, and Jason Perkins to pick a love/relationship-related topic to create a short piece about.  The things they have come up with are fantastic.  Seriously.  This group of writers created a body of work that ranges from heart-wrenchingly touching to gut-busting hilarity.  

These playwrights picked their own actors to perform staged-readings of these pieces and the actors coming out for the production are wonderful.  They include:  Laura Kaplan, Anna Rebek, Jonathan Hammond, Jerry Burke, Brendan Cavalier, Katherine Harroff, Sam Ginn, Melissa Coleman-Reed, James Cota, Rich Soublet, Steve Schmitz, and Soroya Rowley.  


Your host for the evening will be the amazing and always entertaining Julio Jacobo- last seen in our production 'Ragnarok' as the Guuol the Orc!  


Look at that face.  Do you want to miss that?  No.  You don't.    

The night will also include a fabulous performance by the amazing Grace Towers- and local Drag Performing Artist who is the subject of Circle's next production- and the reason why we are hosting this event tonight.  Here is a little sneak-peak performance by Grace from when she wowed her audiences at Pride 2011!: 


The entire night is sure to be full of fun and surprises and we just can't wait!  


3.)  What will the Dessert and Wine part of the night entail?  


Yeah, we know this is a big part of the draw for the evening, and it will be delightful.  After the production we will ask our guest to join us in the Dance Place green room where we will have everything set up.  Plenty of wine and many varieties of sweets to compliment the end of your evening.  All of this is of course included in your ticket price!  

This is really the perfect night out!   


All of the funds from the evening are helping our next production 'Deconstruction of a Drag Queen' become fully realized.  So the night will unleash artwork that will be used during the show, and a sneak-peek performance of one of the scripts scenes!  


We have to go shopping now for nice outfits to wear tomorrow, so we're leaving you with the obvious blah-blah of:  Get those tickets for 'Love Roulette' now before it's too late, and help our Company grow stong!  We love you!  


If you have anymore questions/concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at circle@circle2dot2.com


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