Brendan Cavalier, Areta Mackelvie and Soroya Rowley paiting a cage. 

On April 19th, 2011 we launched this website that you are viewing now. Between then and today, April 20th, 2012, we have created and produced 3 world premiere full-length shows, hosted many fundraising nights at the wonderful Jakes on sixth as well as a wacky and exciting Morp at the glorious Space 4 Art.  We had the opportunity to work with the San Diego Dance Theater on ‘Trolley Dances 2011’, and created the collaborative ‘Love Roulette’ event that allowed other writers in town to showcase their original works about love.   All this has been done amidst day time jobs, personal struggles, and sneaking in some time to work with other fantastic companies in town.  How do we do this?   With a lot of help from our friends. 

Over this last year we have found ourselves in the loving arms of the San Diego community.   In the picture to your left you will see our Lighting designer, Areta Mackelvie, lending a hand to paint a 6 foot tall cage along with 2 of our 8 company members Brendan and Soroya. As a low-budget start-up company it takes everyone doing everything to put up our pieces.  This means actors sewing, grid monkeys painting, and carpenters running the box office. But these helping hands go beyond those immediately involved in the piece.  They also come from all over the Local theater community.

Below is a picture of the set, designed by Patrick Kelly for 'Deconstruction of a Drag Queen', which could not have been possible without the help of everyone in the project and the generosity of many companies we love and admire.

Kevane La'Marr Colmen about to work it out!


Let’s break down some of the loans that made the world of Stiletto's possible.

1) Vanity:  This piece was loaned by our good friends at Cygnet Theatre and was used previously in their stellar production of 'Cabaret' on the wonderful set of Sean Fanning.

2) Club table and chairs:  The table was loaned by Cygnet Theatre as well and the chairs by Diversionary.  Little known fact: these pieces have been used in all three of our shows!

3) Mannequin parts:  This beautifully painted mannequin pieces were loaned by The San Diego Rep and painted a few years ago by the talented Kristine Flores who did the set design for our last show ‘Ragnarok’. 

4) The Stage: This fantastic 3-foot tall platform was loaned to us by David Weiner and the La Jolla Playhouse.  This allowed us to save time and a lot of money building the right stage for our girls.

This does not even scratch the surface of items that people have been lent or gifted to us for this show, from costumes and jewelry to large stiletto shaped chairs to small toy instruments to time, energy and know how.  WE are lucky to live and work in such an amazing Community of artist and to have so many art lovers coming out to see our work.  THANK YOU for being with us on this 1st leg of the journey, we hope you’re excited about what is to come as we are.


Don't forget that there are still 2 performances of Deconstruction of a Drag Queen left.  Tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 8pm.  Don't miss your chance to see this beautifully heart-warming piece!