Last Sunday CCdd met up with a couple of actors, and an awesome LifePlay Teaching Artist named Marina (featured in our video below)- to take our first stab at coming up with the Anti-Bulling Assemblies we are helping LifePlay Productions with.  There are so many different types of bullying that can come from so many different places.  We have our work cut out for us!  

On this particular day, we found ourselves talking a lot about the bullying "pack".  When a group of kids get together, sometimes they find camaraderie in picking on outsiders.  

The video is of an improvisation we set up for a gal (Marina) in High School, getting preyed upon by a "cool" group of kids.  We asked Marina to use her resources to NOT be affected by the taunting and abrasive behavior from the pack.  Her response, deflection, and general lack of care for the group's bullying behavior towards her is an attitude we hope to teach to kids in similar situations.  



Day one was exciting.  This weekend we are welcoming the group to bring their own sketch ideas to the table.  Eventually we will have scripts, casts, and a lot more!  We are excited about this project and hope that our work can make a difference in school life.  

More soon!