A couple of weeks ago the beautiful Soroya went out into the community to do some research/ outreach for our upcoming show: "Street Art Prophets".  This blog is her recounting the awesome night of art featuring one of the show's subject artists, Saratoga Sake.  


I almost didn't go to SD BBOY CLASIIC two on two break battles in Barrio Logan last Saturday.  My date for the event had to cancel last minute, and I was insecure about going alone.   I was afraid I would stick out like a sore thumb with my white girl complexion, bright blonde hair and boobs. But the flyer said it was an all ages event, and Katie told me that SAKE was a big sweetie on the phone, so I put on my big girl panties and drove to Barrio Logan all by myself.


I knew I was there when I saw some live art going on right out front.  I later learned that this writer goes by CROW.  He wasn't able to come early enough to work on the walls inside The Spot, so SAKE asked him to do this live art instead.  What a blessing in disguise!


As I entered The Spot, I immediately realized all my misgivings were total BS. I saw a wonderfully diverse group of people and several families with small children.  Everyone was there to have a great time celebrating bboy culture!  Many danced and many simply watched.  Like this beautiful family!



Some of my favorite break-dancers of the night were kids.  This little girl in particular had some killer moves!




By the way, she was one of only 2 females dancing that night.  What a bad ass.


I was on a mission to find SAKE and introduce myself, but I had never seen him before.  I did some google research before I left, but all google image could show me were examples of his amazing graffiti art.  Mysterious.


So I asked around.  I met this guy TK by a table full of merchandise.  He designs for and owns a shop called Kleen House.  And it happens to be located right next to 10th avenue theatre! (www.KleenHouse.com) 



TK takes hats and purses and turns them into beautiful spray art creations.  He makes custom belt buckles out of resin (the same stuff surf boards are made of) using molds he creates himself. They are very large but not heavy at all.  The resin makes them light and strong just like a surfboard!  He also makes candles shaped like Spray Cans.  So cool!

TK was able to point SAKE out to me.  Found him!



SAKE was super busy running his event so we only had a minute to chat.  Lucky for me, that’s when Wind Woods showed up!  Wind is interviewing and writing SAKE's story for our play. He has his MFA in Playwriting.  He is awesome.



The art was so cool.  I especially liked the painted retro-boom boxes by Boom Box Chuck.  Yes that is a picture of himself on his shirt.  What a funny and talented guy!



Then it was time for the competition to start. SAKE was the dj.




SAKE told me that the "b" in "bboy" stands for break.  And the "break" is that part in the music were something shifts.  Like a "break" in the music. The beat pumps a little harder.  It's the perfect spot to dance.  Break-dance that is.



I love how at the end of every round, all the dancers give each other some love.  It is such a community. A family. I love how the spray artists work together and intermingle their pieces to turn a big empty warehouse into a bright, magical wonderland of art. 


-Soroya Rowley



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