We've been in love-land for quite a bit now.  "San Diego, I Love You" has put us in the cuddling spirit, and we want to get you there too.  We've asked every company member what their favorite Romantic Comedy was and here are the answers we've collected.  Get ready to feel the romance!  

Patrick Kelly: "Stranger Than Fiction"  

 Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal are an unlikely couple in this delightful story, and the unlikeliness of it all warms our Technical Director's cold dead heart.  Patrick is also the director of "San Diego, I Love You" so he has been getting extra dosages of romance whilst working with the amazing cast of the show.  Thanks for sharing Patrick, you big teddy bear you.  


Sam Ginn: "Adventures in Babysitting"

Ginn gives us a little blast from the past with her favorite action-packed pick.  And Elizabeth Shue thanks her for the accolades.  Check out a clip from the top-notch performance provided by this leading lady:  


Crystal Brandon:  "Never Been Kissed"  

First of all, a big fat WELCOME to the newest CCdd Company Member, Crystal!  We are so happy to have you in our corner little lady!  Second- who knew this gal was a Drew Barrymore fan?!  There is a lot to love.  Thanks Crystal!  


Evan Kendig: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"  

Who doesn't love Evan?  And who doesn't love Vampire puppets?  Or Hawaii?  Or a naked Jason Segel? Not anyone we know!  Good choice Evan!  


Soroya Rowley: "500 Days of Summer"  

The co-author of "San Diego, I Love You" knows love.  Trust us.  Girl gets it.  I mean, come on- between Joseph Gordon Levitt's dancing and Zooey's doe-like face, this pic is solid love-oozing gold.  


Justin Warren Martin: "Amélie"

This visually beautiful french flick is well worth the subtitles.  So sweet, so touching, so romantic.  That Justin- he has good taste.  


Katherine Harroff: "A Thing Called Love"  

The other half of the "San Diego, I Love You" writing duo offers this country-lovin River Phoenix classic as her favorite romantic inspiration.  We miss you River!  


Melissa Coleman-Reed: "Brown Sugar" 

Speaking of Miss. Melissa- make sure you check her out in "The Bluest Eye" at Moxie!  Melissa offers up some Taye Diggs for our love list.  Not bad, not bad at all!  

Ashley Toolan: "Robin Hood Men in Tights" 

When we asked Ashley if she was serious about this choice she responded with: "It's my fave movie of anything"....and you just can't argue with that logic!  We miss you Ash!  

Shaun Tuazon: "The Wedding Singer"  

And we're two for two with the Drew Barrymore lovers!  Way to go us!  This is a great choice, Adam Sandler and Drew were a great duo in their day.  Let's hope Sandler stays away from playing his own romantic interest in the future.  


Great choices team!  We predict a slumber-party romantic movie-marathon in the future!  


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