Patrick Kelly, Santa, Katie, Shaun and Ashley. Photo by Rich SoubletIt's rare that I get into the Christmas spirit.  I'm really more of a "if I hear sleigh bells one more time..." kind of guy.  But this year has been different.  After all the trials and tribulations of the year I was given the opportunity to stand at the helm of a wonderful show with a brilliant cast and a whole lot of fun.  "Bearded" has been one of the easiest productions that we have dealt with to date.  We had amazing community stories to glean from and create the heartwarming script. We had a company that came together to make sure everyone made it to Opening without losing all of our hair.  To then be graced by such positive reviews and joyful audience reactions is a blessing like no other.  

Each year my wish is that I get to make good theater, but this Christmas that wish came early.  I want to thank our whole team and all of you who have attended the show so far for this magical experience.   I hope that if you haven't seen the show you'll get a chance to, because it really is a great one.

2013 has been crazy for me.  I Directed 2 shows, built 3 sets, ran a fringe festival, CCdd became a 501(c)3, I got a new day job, and a new cat.  It has been hectic sure, but it has all been worth it and I feel it all bodes well for an amazing 2014.   Thanks for taking the ride with me!

-Patrick Kelly, Director of "Bearded" and Technical Director of CCdd.