Hi all!  This Saturday and Sunday will be the end of our site-specific walking adventure tour: “San Diego, I Love You”.  With many of our showtimes almost or at capacity for this weekend, we’re using today’s blog to coax all of our last-minute ticket buyers to grab the few remaining spots before it’s too late!  So here are a couple of fabulous reasons why procrastination is lame: 

1. Site-specific-ness is the freaking coolest. 

The cat is out of the bag in terms of where our show is happening.  We tried to keep this partially secret, but with all of the pictures and press surrounding this show; it is pretty much known that this tour takes place in several incredible businesses around the Hillcrest neighborhood.  Jake’s on 6th has been our hero- opening their doors early taking us and our audiences in.  But also, Bluestocking Books, The Brass Rail, and Pappalecco have all opened their beautiful doors to us and let our show spread the love all over the place.  It also doesn’t hurt that each of these locations are gorgeous and have awesome things like drinks, food, coffee, and books that you can/should peruse before and after or during our shows.  Hurray for local businesses! 

Photo by Rich Soublet

2. The cast is full of up-and-coming stars, and they BRING IT. 

Seriously.  Every single member of this cast is amazing in this show- and it doesn’t hurt that they are all wonderful people.  There is something so magical about watching these skilled performers acting out these scenes in the “real world”.  They are so close you can touch them.  But don’t.  Because…well that would be distracting. 

Photo by Rich Soublet

3. The story will fill you with joy. 

Playwrights Katherine Harroff and Soroya Rowley worked hard to tell a universal and contemporary love story that was relevant, smart, and yes- incredibly romantic.  You will leave feeling like your heart might explode, and you’ll like it.  Director Patrick Kelly did an excellent job of coaching the actors and staging the scenes in an accessible and whimsical way, almost as if you’re actually viewing an intimate moment right in public.  It’s a delightful journey, and a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon. 

Photo by Rich Soublet

4. Because critics and audiences are LOVING it. 

Check out all of our rave reviews: 

Pat Launer, KSDS

James Hebert, U-T San Diego

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5. Finally, because you love Circle Circle dot dot. 

And we love you too.  Come indulge in that love with us. 


Circle Circle dot dot

Photo by Rich Soublet