We are thrilled to have already kicked - off rehearsals for our new original production "DerbyWise", an all-female show coming to the 10th Ave. Theatre next month!  

In order to get the girls in the spirit of the production- we had to get them into skates!   So we took the cast to the local roller rink to get some practice in. While we obviously wont be able to recreate live Derby bouts in our show, we definitely need to have the ladies on wheels- some of who hadn't been to a rink in years.  It was a lot of fun getting them comfortable, and waking up their skating muscles.  

They did a great job proving that they were all the perfect fit to form our tough as nails Derby team. 

Then, on Wednesday we had the fortunate opportunity to visit the secret home of the San Diego Derby Dolls- the Doll House, where we hosted a reading for the Derby community who we interviewed for the inspiration of the piece.  They provided valuable feedback to increase the authenticity of the play.  

 Photo by: Rich Soublet

We were so glad to hear the laughs from the audience- who many of the characters from the show are based on, and get their seal of approval.  This reading also gave our cast the chance to see the amazing environment that inspired many scenes of the show.  The girls even had a chance to take some pictures there.  

Photo by Rich Soublet

And since we haven't announced this yet on our blog- here is the AWESOME cast of "DerbyWise": (The second name listed is their character's Derby name).   

Samantha Wynn Greenstone.....Erika/ Jezebel

Kat Brown.....Jane/ Iron Maiden

Monique Hanson.....Lana/Lawless

Kathryn Byrd.....Angela/Angel Dust

Kristin McReddie.....Christina/Stab Kill

Jyl Kaneshiro.....Denise/Dee Demolition

Cory Hammond.....Kelly/Cat Scratcher

Tiffany Tang.....Tanya/Amazon

Molly Maslak.....Amanda/The Hammer

Hailee Byrd (Not pictured).....Jill/Craze

Photo by Rich Soublet

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