Everyone over in the CCdd camp started feeling a little blue this week, and we think we know why.  Show endings suck!  We work so hard on what we do.  This isn’t your normal “pick-a-play/put-it-on” kind of operation.  We live with an idea, emerge into a community, create an original piece, and workshop/develop it in rehearsals until its ready.  Sometimes we have lots of time- sometimes we do not.  We always, however, walk away from a production feeling the same: sad to see it go. 

“DerbyWise” is no exception.  This piece is special to all of us: the cast, company, and crew.  And here are a couple of reasons why: 

1. Roller Derby is awesome.  And the community LOVES the show! 

Cast with the Renegade Rollers

We had such a blast working with and learning about this game.  When we were first approached with the idea by our Dramaturg Crystal Mercado, we knew this was the right fit for CCdd.  We worked hard to make the Derby Dolls happy with the piece and in the end they were pumped.  Our best audiences have been the ones with Roller Derby folks in the seats.  They cheer and holler and stick around post-show to meet with and take pictures with the cast.  We love them, and we’re so happy that they’ve enjoyed our show.  Go become a Roller Derby Player! 


Photo by Rich Soublet

Theatre is historically a sexist world.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Right from the very beginning.  And unfortunately it has taken its sweet-ass time to catch up to the rest of the universe in how it represents women, or even what kind of work it provides to them.  Good parts for women are few and far-between. 

We at CCdd believe it’s time to leave this bad history behind.  It’s time for Theatre to be a mirror of MODERN life, and that’s why we do what we do.  Women rock.  And they are funny, and brilliant, and talented.  This production gives 10 women the opportunity to show those qualities off and they do- like gangstas. 

3. Because you love Circle Circle dot dot. 

Cast and Crew of "DerbyWise" at Opening Night

You do, don’t you?  I mean, you’re reading this… so you’re at least interested.  So here is the constant deal for small, new (we are still pretty new ya’ll) companies:  we need audiences to live on.  That’s just all there is to it. 

“DerbyWise” has consistently had strong audiences throughout the run- but we want to kill it at our last two shows with packed houses full of wonderful support from our community so we can keep doing exactly what you love.  So come!  Support us, support women, support Derby!  We love you San Diego, help to keep us around for a long time. 




Circle Circle dot dot