It's Opening Night for DerbyWise!  We're so excited to bust this awesome show open and we can't wait to share it with you!  

As a special treat, some of the gals in our show- the wonderful Molly Maslak and Tiffany Tang are our guest bloggers today!  Check it out:  


Photo by Rich Soublet


Steps to Becoming a Derby Darling

By Tiffany Tang and Molly Maslak

1. Stumble across audition notice for Circle Circle dot dot’s production of Derbywise.


2. Wonder if there is an inner derby skater deep down inside somewhere.


3. Confirm that the answer is “yes.”


4. Get cast in the show.  Make sure it’s all right that you haven’t been on roller skates since the 80s.


5. Netflix Derby Research Playlist (from most Hollywood-ized to least Hollywood-ized): Whip It, Rollergirls, Hell on Wheels


6. Meet real life San Diego Derby Dolls.


7. Feel hopelessly “not hardcore” in their presence.


8. Bond with amazing cast and directors throughout intensive rehearsal process.


9. Put on authentic Derby Dolls skating equipment.  Start feeling a little more hardcore. 


10. Fall on your ass in rehearsal.


11. Fall on your ass in your driveway.


12. Fall on your ass in the theater.


13. Don’t forget to wear your gear.  Ever.  Even your helmet.  For reals.


14. Give thanks for an amazing costume designer who will make you look like a badass.  Admit that you look hot in slutty pink outfits.


15. Discover you can skate backwards.  Revel in the moment when someone says you look “cool” while doing it.


16. Tap into the passion of Derby – say hello to that “hell yeah!” place inside of you that prompted you to audition in the first place.


17. Become besties with Beau Casey at Chiropractique because you are there so often.


18. Look around you as you are gearing up for a show.  Understand that it is probably not so different from gearing up for an actual bout of derby.


19. Come up with lines to adlib in case anyone wipes out on stage during a performance.


20. Tell the story.  Own it.  Remember why you are here.  P.S.: It will help you balance better on your skates.

Thanks for your wonderful words and expertise ladies!  Happy Opening to you and the entire cast and crew!  


Grab your tickets for "DerbyWise" today!