Dear San Diego, Hello! My name is Soroya and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the First Annual San Diego Fringe Festival.  I am also one of the performers.  A fringe festival is when a bunch of Performing Arts Companies get together and put on a butt-load of short pieces of 60 minutes or less.  The performances tend to be “on the fringe” compared to more conventional works.  Our festival includes theatre, dance, improv, magic, stand-up, puppetry, circus and live music by companies from all over California, America and THE WORLD including companies from England, Canada and Mexico.

All proceeds from ticket sales go straight to the artists.  This means that the producers and staff for this event must be 100% volunteer.  This is where YOU come in.  I need you.  WE need you! The performing arts in San Diego need you!!!  You can play the role of Box Office, Usher, House Manager,  Flyer-passer-outer and More! It will be super fun and rewarding.  You will get to mix and mingle with the artists and your fellow volunteers, you will be a part of history in the making and you will get free stuff!

Here is a breakdown of all the Free Stuff you can get.  It varies depending on how many shifts you work.  Each shift ranges between 3-8 hours and I will work with you to make sure you are happy with your schedule.


Work 1 shift and you get a Free Fringe T-Shirt!

Work 2 shifts and you get Free Shows! Any volunteer on the 2 shifts or more list, gets to walk into shows at the Main Fringe Venues.  This includes 10th Avenue, Space 4 Art and New School of Architecture.  Subject to availability.

Work 3 shifts you get a Free Fringe Club Dog Tag which gains you access to our bar on the roof of the 10th Avenue Theatre.  This Fringe Club is going to be the coolest spot to hang out with its beautiful view and fun line up of musical acts and open mic nights!

Signing up is easy.  Just go to our online Volunteer Registration Form here:

And feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you!

Love Your Volunteer Coordinator,

Soroya Rowley

Photo of Soroya by Rich Soublet