POP!  I GRADUATED!  I moved my tassel from the right to left.  I was officially a college graduate from Sonoma State University.  I was on top of the world!  …….Or was I?

Leaving college was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.  No longer did I have a daily routine that involved some sort of acting class, nightly plans with friends from all over the world, or a defending title of “Beer Pong” champion.  I was living back at home in San Diego with my parents.  Separated from my closest friends, jobless, and back in my bedroom with posters of “Backstreet Boys” still on the wall.  Needless to say, the post collegiate depression hit hard. 

For the first time in my life I felt like I was not truly LIVING.  I was too scared to go out on auditions.  I did not want to be rejected……so I figured…..If I don’t go……I won’t be rejected!  I hardly left my house because the unknown made me anxious.   I lived in my own little bubble of fear. 

Over time, I have learned that FEAR is a four letter word.  It is an enemy that one cannot see.  I feared the worst, so I wasn’t living the BEST.

 This epiphany came to me while rehearsing for “The Warriors’ Duet.”  Laura Morefield was diagnosed with stage IV Colon Cancer in 2008.  The worst had come.  Did she succumb to her own bubble of fear?......No she did not.  She blew bubbles instead. 

I’m so honored to portray the wonderful daughter of Charlene Baldridge in this upcoming production.  Laura shows us how to look Fear in the face and dance with it.  During her struggle with cancer, she wrote poetry that rose above the “invaders.”  Poetry about faith, love, and determination. A true warrior.  She wrote about body surfing, planting blackberries, dancing and singing with your loved ones, traveling, the beauty of family, and the small tasks of daily creation that make this world beautiful. 

Laura has forever changed the way I live my life.  I no longer want to live in those bubbles of fear.  I want to blow bubbles, let them ascend………”and then dance in the eternal moment.   DANCE.”

Thank you for this gift Laura.

For tickets to 'Warriors' Duet' click HERE.