LOVE.  People often refer to it as a 4-letter-word.  It can cause pain, fights, jealously, or heart ache.  It's true.  Love can be a bitch. 


Then, there are the exception to the rule who believe love is not hard.  It's easy. It just works.  Meet my Parents:  Bill and Twila Ginn.  A couple who show me love can be easy as baking a pizza.  Or in my non-domestic case, calling Domino's.


Bill and Twila (aka Twi, Twizzla, T-Dawg) met at a Navy Officer's Club dance in Virginia Beach in 1978.   Once my dad spotted Twi from across the room in her stylish tube top, he knew he had to talk to her.  It was love at first sight……….  Or was it? Not really.  Because T-Dawg shot Officer Bill down that night.  She went home with her friends and didn't give in to my dad's cheesy pick up lines.  The ship had set sail for poor Billy Boy.


LUCKILY, the next day, Twila happened to show up at the same BBQ on the beach where my dad was.  Unfortunately, Casanova pulled a groin muscle trying to water ski (those non athletic genes were passed on to me, thanks dad) and had to sit the entire day on a blanket in pain.  Twizzla ended up feeling bad for the invalid.  So she strut her sweet stuff over to Bill and asked him the most romantic question any man could hope for.  "Want me to get you a beer?"  My dad said he officially met the woman of his dreams.  The rest is history.


My parents have been happily married for 32 years.  They sound like junior high sweethearts when they are in the same room.  The other night at dinner, my mom started a food fight with my dad.  They ended up being covered from head to toe in water and guacamole.  They were soaked.  Not just with the water, but I think they both peed their pants from laughter too. 


When Katie approached me to co-write "San Diego I Love You, 2.0" this year, I knew exactly who I wanted to interview.  Bill and Twila.  They are my inspiration for writing……and also for loving.  


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