We've been lagging on the blogs, but only because we're busy bees!  Check out all the fun that's happening in rehearsals for "Naughty or Nice" with this collection of rehearsal shots from tech this weekend, and then click the button to the left fo tickets!  

Taylor looks thrilled!  

Father and son, but not what you think...these two are the cutest.  

Sometimes a discount Santa (Beth Galllagher) will have to do!  

Just a couple of Elves hanging out!  

Aunt Betty (Rhys Green) is a babe!  Wait until you meet her!  

Mickey (Tony Houck) is a handful.  

Some fun lighting (by Bonnie Breckenridge). 

I'm not even going to tell you what's happening here.  You'll just have to see!  


We can't wait to share these two unique holiday productions with you, kicking off THIS WEEK.  Get your tickets today friends!