Dearest friends and family of Circle Circle dot dot,  

2014 has been a wild year for our little company.  We've encountered some truly fabulous opportunities, and we continued to enjoy producing original Community-Inspired Theatre in San Diego and beyond!  In the spirit of all good holiday letters, here's a wrap-up of some major milestones for us this wonderful year:

We kicked off 2014 in residency with Arizona State University where we worked with students and Astrophysicists to developRed Planet Respite.  Our time at ASU provided us significant support in our efforts and inspired us to push the boundaries of Community-Based Theatre. We loved this opportunity to develop a piece with University students and there are exciting educational engagements in our near future.  

While Soroya and I worked in AZ, Patrick Kelly directed our second installment of San Diego, I Love You in beautiful University Heights. This engagement has proven to be not only a crowd-pleaser, but one of our very favorite experiments in Theatre-making.  We're thrilled to bring you our brand new third installment of this fan favorite piece once more in February 2015 on campus at UCSD.  We hope you'll come fall in love with us all over again in this beautiful city.   

With the entire company reunited in April, we immediately dove into our first ever musical: No Place Like Home, written and directed by Soroya Rowley and Andrew Steele.  We promise our fans that this will not be our last musical.  It was way too much fun!


In September we began our stint as Theatre-in-Residence at La Jolla Playhouse where our revamped sci-fi fantasy Red Planet Respite was remounted. It's thrilling to have the knowledge and support of the Playhouse as we continue to produce. The premiere of Wild California in June 2015 will be our final production in this wonderful residency.

Our year came to an end last weekend with the closing of ourseasonal treat Naughty or Nice.  The fabulous cast
received great reviews from critics and audiences alike. The 8 original short pieces had something for everyone- thank you to everyone who made it out!

As you can tell, this has been a big year of growth for us!  We just can't do it without you.  And from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support thus far. Every time you share a post, or tell a friend about us- we continue to gain fans. Every time you buy a ticket- we continue to fund our artists.  Every time you add a little money to your ticket purchase- we can continue to make an impact and a mark on this world.  With this in mind we hope you can continue to support our efforts and help us not only survive but thrive in the New Year. 

Here are a few simple ways you can:

1. Buy a subscription to the rest of our season.  We have 3 exciting productions left.  Click HERE to find out about them. 

2. Volunteer.  Contact: and let us know you'd like to volunteer with us in 2015.  We'll be adding you to our list and will keep you up-to-date on how you can help. 

3. Join our board.  We are looking for community members with experience in running a small-business, non-profit fundraising, and general financial advice.  If you love our company and are interested in having a more hands-on experience with us, e-mail and let us know!

4. Run your own business/restaurant/brewery/anything?  Consider sponsoring a show or advertise with CCdd (a 501(c)3 organization)  E-mail us at to find out how.

5. Finally, please do consider including us in your end-of-the-year donations.  Every teeny bit helps us stay put.  Visit us HERE to do so. 

I hope you and your loved ones have a perfect holiday and fortuitous New Year.  We at CCdd are so grateful to be able to make art in this beautiful city.  Thank you for helping us stick around for years to come.  



Katherine Harroff*All photos by Rich Soublet Photography.

Artistic Director

Circle Circle dot dot