Photo of Katie by Rich SoubletHi friends! 

I owe you a personal blog, especially since I’ve been lacking on the blog updates since Arizona.  Once we start our production schedule for the Season of Science I look forward to getting back into the swing of consistent updates and reflective posts on our work.  We’re very excited and proud of our upcoming season, and producing our work on the La Jolla Playhouse’s stages is a dream come true.  I would be a fool not to document all of the exciting goings-ons around the residency and beyond. 

“Red Planet Respite” rehearsals are approaching quickly, and I am in the middle of one of the biggest feedback/rewriting sessions I’ve tackled for an original work, and we have time and perspective to thank for that.  Since Circle started in 2010, time has not always been my friend.  Having the time to reflect on a production and work out the kinks of a script excites me greatly, and I realize that I need to prioritize it in the future.  With the help of some incredible people and advice- I believe “Red Planet Respite” will be my strongest written piece yet. 

One of the hardest things I’ve discovered about starting a theatre company doesn’t have anything to do with the theatre.  It’s the whole “having money to produce and pay artists” thing that really mucks things up.  If we were a business, for example, where everyone that worked with us could survive on what we’re doing- I’d have the time I need to work on my scripts, AND be able to hire local writers to develop Community-inspired pieces for/with us as well.    We just aren’t there yet and this can be frustrating.  It takes time, I know that.  Especially if you’re coming from a place where you have nothing to begin with.  Despite what some may think, our company is not made up of very wealthy people.  We each have jobs on top of the company, and we’ll keep doing that until we gain the resources, grants, and figure out this whole running a sustainable business thing. 

We’re in a great place.  I’m not a very patient person, and I’m also incredibly hard on myself.  It’s valuable to take stock in your progress and I’m trying to be better about that.  Since we obtained our Non-Profit license in October we worked hard to assemble a Board that could help take us to the next level.  We think we’ve organized exactly that, and after a handful of meetings with the brilliant group I can’t believe how lucky we are.  I can honestly say our Board is full of bright, energized, compassionate folks that have believed in CCdd from the beginning.  I know they want us to succeed, and having that extra boost has rejuvenated our spirit. 

Also, we recognize that getting the LJP residency is a really big deal; especially since we’re such a young organization.  It will be a great chance for us to reflect on our work and harness mentorship opportunities with some incredible art-makers.  Having the opportunity to have the Literary Manager at the La Jolla Playhouse read and provide feedback to my script ruled the universe.  I mean, how many young playwrights get chances like that? 

So I hope our fans know that this whole stab at hosting a generously-sized fundraiser is coming from the motivated dream of doing more, making better, buying time, and finding our legs on the business-side of things.  Reviews, audiences, collaborations, and residences are showing us that what we do is worth it.  People like our work.  People want our voice to rise up, and want us to stick around.  They wouldn’t show up if they didn’t.  And up until this point that has been enough….but we need to find a way to take care of ourselves as well.  Our productions have all been volunteer-based because the artists we work with believe in the work.  But that’s not fair forever.  These beautiful artists working on our projects deserve to be compensated because they are beyond worth it. 

Patrick Kelly, our Technical Director who spends hours both alone and with volunteers in a theatre building and painting our sets around the clock should be able to purchase the tools and stock he needs to make the designs of his dreams.  And he should be able to pay a crew to help him make it happen. Or Soroya, our Outreach Coordinator and Party Planner should be paid an hourly wage for her amazing work in connecting to our community.  She shouldn’t have to spend late nights organizing our supplies, or digging into her own pocket to pay for things the company needs- something we each do constantly. 

We want to move past this.  We want to get bigger.  We’re working our asses off to make that happen.  We’re writing grants, coming up with classes to offer, creating shows that have legs for school assemblies or more.  We’re looking at sustainability as a great goal and we’re ready to try everything we must to get there. 

This month’s fundraiser is on that list.  And while the name of it is “10k or Bust” the bust is not related to CCdd- just the goal.  We don’t know if our fans have the money to support us in this way at this time, and you know what?  That’s ok.  Maybe this will be a “bust” for us.  Like all of our Morp fundraisers were.  (Yes that’s why there is no Morp this year).  It’s ok to fail; it’s not ok to not try. 

So that’s why.  We’re freaking trying.  We hope you know this isn’t the only thing we’re trying, and we would never wait idly by for you to make us work.  We want to work for you.  We want to provide beautiful original, inspiring art that you can’t wait to be part of.  We want to transform the way you look at theatre, and inevitably life.  But damnit…we need money in order to do it. 

This month may be annoying on our pages, and I hope you’ll understand why.  We’ve got to do everything we can to hit our fundraising goals- and that includes 3 fun social events to help push us to 10K (check out our first event here)!  So we hope you’ll understand where we’re coming from on this.  And, if you like us, if you care, or more importantly if you CAN- please support us friends.  Sharing our posts on social media is wonderful, coming and having a glass of wine or dinner at one of our bar-raiser events within the next four weeks is fabulous, and giving to the campaign- even $5, will make all the difference in the world of CCdd this season.


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Thanks for reading lovelies.  Happiest Pride weekend to all! 





Katie Harroff