Thank You to everyone who has or will see "Red Planet Respite". As we prepare to close the first show of our 2014/15 season of science,  we are thrilled with what we have already accomplished with this piece.  "Red Planet Respite" has been a joy!  Between the wonderful cast and crew, you our dedicated audience members, and the incredibly supportive staff at La Jolla Playhouse the process has been impeccable. As many have noted there are not many theatrical works that attempt to tackle the important issue of space travel and even fewer that manage to do it from a logical and scientific approach.  Sure it is fun, but by using the theories of brilliant scientific minds we were able to inject a little bit of knowledge that will hopefully leave you thinking about how important science is.  When you add the piece's ability to spotlight strong female characters we've really created something that is truly important to our modern cultural world.  The shiw has become a hilarious, entertaining, touching, and poignant exploration of where our society is heading if we don't stop idolising the Kardasians and start listening to those who are activiely trying to prepare us for the future.  This has been our largest theatrical endeavor to date and we are so glad to hear such positive responses from those who have seen it.

If you haven't seen the show yet... you should as it is something pretty darn unique and you only have 2 more chances.  So we hope to see you either tonight or tomorrow night at 8pm for a little trip to mars prestent in the Mendall Wiess Forum at La Jolla Playhouse.  


Tickets are available here or at the door starting 1 hour before the performance.