This weekend is our "Inspired Community" New Play reading festival where we'll be opening up the doors to our process to our beloved audiences!  To get the ball rolling- we thought it would be great for our fans to meet some of the playwrights we'll be featuring before the festival and provide inquiring minds with some additional information about their new works! 

First up we have Krystal Taylor-Cahill.  Krystal has been a supporter, volunteer and friend of Circle Circle dot dot from the very beginning and currently serves as a Board Member.  Krystal played an important part in the creation of our show "No Place Like Home" and has worked with us as a performer when we participated in SDDT's Trolley Dances back in 2012.

We asked Krystal a few questions so that you could get to know her a bit better.

Q: What is your Experience as a playwright?

 A: I sat through and participated in 2 separate Old Globe Community Voices program. One with my job where the participants all wrote 10 minute plays. In the second CV I participated with a group of women and collaboratively wrote an entire play in 8 weeks. I wrote a lot during high school and college where I began as a Theatre Major, before switching to psychology. This piece is the longest piece I have written individually and look forward to collaborating on it to make it an amazing story. 

Q: Why did you choose Surrogacy as the subject of your piece?

A: I myself, was a Surrogate. I became a part of this amazing world and found so much stigma and ignorance surrounding the topic. The only attention Surrogacy was getting was Lifetime Movies depicting very incorrect stories. I felt the need to share my story, to educate the masses on this most amazing and beautiful experience that only a select few get to live through. I had to share this phenomenal gift I have been given. ;)

Q: Why have you chosen to be a part of our "Inspired Community" New Play Workshop?

A: I hope to be able to give people a glimpse into what its like and get feedback. Id love to see if people are as interested in hearing my story as I am in telling it. I would love to be able to turn this into a beautiful, even epic,story into a piece that can one day be brought to the stage in full production. I just want people to understand the TRUE story behind what its really like to be a surrogate. 

We are so happy to share Krystal's amazing story with you April 18th and 19th at 1pm.  Get your ticket for this reading and the other 3 plays we will be presenting next weekend by clicking the button below!