Man, am I happy.  I freaking love what's happening in our rehearsals.  We've had so much fun, and TIME!  Time feels like such a luxury when you're a marathon worker like me.  So with the exception of some pesky bouts of insomnia I am one excited/overstimulated camper.  

So this week's blog is dedicated to the glorious women named Chelsea that Soroya and I have met out here, and how much we want them to join our coven.  

First is the badass warrior woman Chelsea motherfucking Pace.  I apologize for the language, but the woman warrants some enthusiasm.  She's an MFA Performer, an incredible Fight Choreographer, and an all-around rockstar.  She just completed working on her Thesis Piece: Asking For It: The Consent Project, and trust me, if you know what's good for you you'll be on the lookout for where this woman ends up.  

So lucky us to nab this gem as our Fight Choreographer for Red Planet Respite!  And boy did she choreograph us one crazy freaking zoo-fight!  Check out some stupid blurry cell phone pictures of all of the fun:  

That's Chelsea in black.  Making magic happen with Colton and Kevin.  

That's Lucian getting his wiring sorted out by Addy.  

And here's the whole gang post-shenanigans.  The fight makes me laugh hysterically for about 5 minutes, and we have Ms. Pace to thank for that.  

My next Chelsea-praise belongs to the absolute savior that is Chelsea Allen.  This sweet gal is the Stage Manager of 'Red Planet Respite'.  Get to know her in this ridiculous interview she and I had last night after rehearsal.  Seriously, we're (I'm) delirious.  If you can count all my hair flips you'll win a prize.  Enjoy:


More to come soon, some design images are just around the corner!  Thanks for reading friends.