Today's blog is dedicated to the women and men of technical theatre.  When you say you work in professional theatre, one often assumes you mean as an actor.  However the majority of people working in this field are not actors but Designers, Carpenters, Electricians, Stitchers, Stage Managers, Sculpters, Prop Makers, Painters and many more.  These dedicated theatre makers pour everything they have into their work 50 plus hours a week to make a production possible; and far too often they go unrecognized by the audience.  But they don’t do it for the glory and they certainly aren’t in it for the money either.  These people have an intense passion and love of theatre far more pure than any actor I’ve ever met.  They are amazing people.  They are angels.

As part of my tribute to the unsung heroes of Theatre I want to share with you this video interview with one of our Assistant Stage Managers Jessie Klein.

And here is a photo of the good people at work.  Katie and I stopped into the theatre today to check out the set and light hang in progress.  We were overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for the amazing work done by our designers and technicians.