I wanted to take a little break from writing Circle Circle Dot Dot's first ever rough-rough draft play, to write a blog.

But then I realized I'd have to start a blog.  Sure, an easy enough task...and i've been working on two blogs for my work for a couple of months now....I figured it would be a snap.  A simple "Hello! Look what's coming!" But it isn't that easy.

First you have to figure out what you want it to look like.  Like, is this cool?

And then, of course is the most difficult part of writing a blog....a good topic.  Mine is the construction of a new Theatre company.  Something so unheard of, so unique....everyone is going to be flooding to us!  Everyone is going to be holding their breath to see what we come up with!  Everyone is going to throw money at us to keep us a float!

Aren't they?

Nah, they aren't.  And this ain't nothin' new.  But...it is.....to us.

We are Circle Circle dot dot (as in, now you have your cootie shot?)  And we are starting now.

Well, actually....  we started like 3 weeks ago, but this blog is starting now.  And....we don't have anything scheduled.  Or anything really ready for you.   Just this blog, and like, my promise.

Here's the idea:

We will write, direct, act in, produce, build, market, and basically make a play from my living room, find a place to rehearse it in, put it on for our town, and if it works- even in the slightest, if it looks like there is potential for our Theatre life- we will do it all over again.  We are part-writing workshop, part- production company, and mostly part-jackals trying to do something to make our mark in the San Diego Theatre world.

Which isn't always the friendliest of places for young artists!  Seriously SD, I love you, but you know what you like in conventional Theatre and it's tough for little freaks like me to get my rocks off, so this is an attempt to make a place and I hope you will accept us and all we have to offer.

We are a group of friends who really like each other (except on the occasional game night when we drink too much and start fighting over the rules of Buzz Word).  We gathered together three weeks ago and discussed the topic of a new play.  We decided "Break-ups" would be an awesomely universal and potentially hilarious topic to explore on stage.

Then we chatted about ourselves.  A group of weird, sometimes outcasts, mostly awesome, extremely real people who have had heartache in over-the-top, often horrific experiences that we have come to terms with enough to laugh at ourselves over.  We think you'll laugh at us too.

To monitor our growth, and to keep myself on track I vow to write in this blog about our progress every week.  Even when it gets rocky-  even if it looks like we aren't going to make it, I promise....I'll write.

This will be the log of our journey, and I invite you to come along with us- as we merely try.