I am still completely thrilled by the reading we did last night in our living room.

I  locked myself in my room and popped out a script I really thought was something special, using the stories that our company shared, and embellishing the shit out of them.   Finally, we invited the group back together to read them last night.

It was strangely one of the best moments of my life, as simple as it was.  In that moment I learned how completely possible it is to make theatre happen with this amazing, committed, hilarious, and smart group of people.

The show right now has 10 people in it, which means we might need about 3 extra non-company actors to be a part, but we'll see how it develops.

The goal now is to have a full "workshop" performance of it in Spring, tweak it, and then do a run of it in the Summer.


I am so excited to bring other people into our insanity.


We had a delightful audience member last night, and he seemed to really enjoy the work we had so far.  So much laughter and profanity was echoing in our building.  Our neighbors probably thought we were throwing a beer-pong tournament.


Our next reading- which should really be the point when the play is near completion, will be on December 17th.  We will probably have a physical work-through before then in December.


We're really going to do this!  I don't think I've ever been more excited about the potential of a project!


Holy shit.  This rocks so hard.