After the first reading I realized how important discrepancy is in this industry.  Especially with comedy.  So I wont be talking about the actual script on this blog....just process.

But I will tell you this about the script: It's effing awesome, and I'm so proud of it, and everyone involved.  Everyday I get new ideas and the company all share their ideas with me, and it just keeps me buzzing all day and all night.  I really don't know how I'm going to wait until Spring when we can mount this beast.


On Friday company member Crystal invited me to an "Adult Puppet Cabaret," and let me just say- this was electric to my senses, and opened up many doors of possibilities.  Crystal is a puppet guru.  She is just so crafty and brilliant.  I am proud to have her on our team.


There was lots of puppet sex happening that evening, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I am also working on designing the logo for our company.  I will reveal it within the next week or so.

This blog is going to be pretty lame in these beginning stages, so I will tell a story about various break-ups I experienced to keep you interested, and to get you in the mood for our piece.


When I was in pre-school, I was playing on the jungle gym and the cutest boy in the class came up to me, breathless, and said:

"Hey!  You girl!  You are my Princess now,  and I'm your Prince, and there is a dragon coming after you!  And I'm gonna save you!"


I was so flattered.  I sat on top of the Jungle Gym and said, simply:


And then he went and fought this other kid, who I think was the dragon, but the Kid kept roaring like a lion and it was all very confusing.  I was supportive in the activity, and very happy to be suddenly spoken for.  I called out:

"Save me my Prince!  Save me!"

My enthusiasm took my beau by surprise, and she turned to smile at me with love in his eyes, and in that moment the Lion-Dragon kid pounced on him and "ate his brains".

So my Prince died.  And yelled at me from the ground:

"You scared me and now and I'm dead- you can't play anymore!  I hate you!"

And I cried.


That's the end.  Pretty tragic, huh?