This week Circle has begun rehearsing for our November performance of our next original play: "Ragnarok"!  This piece is being written by Artistic Director Katherine Harroff in collaboration with CCdd, based off interviews from members of the Live-Action Role-Playing community of San Diego.  It's also being collaborated with and directed by the amazing Steve Schmitz.  It's already shaping up to be an awesome production.  Here is what Patrick Kelly, Technical Director of CCdd- and star of "Ragnarok" has to say about the rehearsal process thus far:


Rehearsals have begun!

Wow what a journey already. We’ve been so busy preparing for this show through
fundraisers and planning that it’s hard to believe we’ve hit the start. Rehearsals began on Monday and it’s already been a joyous and wild ride.

As you hopefully know our company focuses on producing entirely new pieces. That means that the script is written in house. Working in this way can pose some challenges, but also some amazing freedoms. It makes the process seem so much more alive than the usual pick up your Sam French copy, memorize a week before rehearsal and go type of situation.

We were presented the script a few weeks ago and it gets tweaked and edited
everyday making it better and better. Sometimes these changes are presented by the production team, but many come from our amazing group of performers. This gives the entire work the collaborative air where everyone’s opinion matters which we strive for as a company. We as actors are helping to develop the world that we are going to live in 5 nights a week on stage. Now that’s freedom!

There is a scary side for the actor in this kind of development which is that it pushes
your memorization back a little bit as you never know what new change may come.
You could have a monologue completely prepared and see it gone that very night or
suddenly be given 5 new pages in which you control the conversation. Working in this way calls for a lot of flexibility and trust in all involved. I feel we have gathered some really amazing people who are taking on this challenge beautifully. It’s only been a week and the characters are coming to life so vividly. I myself could barley hold it together watching James Darvas, a very tall guy, transform into the puniest thing ever as our Orc (Julio Jacobo) stomped his way on stage. We get to come in, turn into foam sword-wielding enthusiasts and enjoy talk about slaying for 3 hours each night. I’m not embarrassed to say this is right up my alley. We are having fun and that’s what the process is supposed to be. I really think that this heartfelt, funny, action-packed adventure is something I would love to watch, so I hope that you will enjoy it!


Thanks Patrick!  So much more is coming your way about "Ragnarok"!  Hold onto your hats San Diego.  Or your armor in this case.