A picture is worth a thousand words!  So we're going to talk a little but show a lot of fabulous pictures from all of our happenings that took place in September: Trolley Dances and Morp. 

Our performance installation for Trolley Dances was called "Trolley Sprites".  This is the little blurb we had written about our piece in the program: 

Circle Circle dot dot is proud to present "Trolley Sprites"- a site-specific performance installation project to go along with San Diego Dance Theater's Trolley Dances.  CCdd is a Community-Based Collaborative Theatre Company that focuses its work on the stories of the people of San Diego.  For most of our population public transportation is experienced as a heavy burden- something used mostly in dire straights.  The only trolley riders who truly seem to really enjoy a trip are the many children that journey with their parents every day.  We dedicate our piece to them- and hope our performance can capture a sense of excitement, and joy that encapsulates their spirit.   We think that even in the most challenging of times- public transportation can still be viewed as an adventure- an exciting trip through San Diego full of stimulating personalities and sights- exactly the attitude we witnessed in the children that utilize a trolley ride.  Look for the brightly colored "Trolley Sprites" throughout your journey filling beautiful architecture, playing games, and perhaps even riding the Trolley with you!

Here are some fun images from the crazy weekends: 






The performance was challenging!  But- it was also Circle's first paid gig and we learned a lot about site-specific performance.  This is something we would love to visit again. 


Next up- Morp!  We talked quite a bit about this event, and we must admit- it was pretty stressful planning for it!  We needed to raise money for our November show- and we needed to host a killer party.  We did both!  It was a huge success and we are happy to announce that we will be hosting this fabulous party annually.  So plan those costumes for next year!  Here are some of our favoite pictures by the amazing Rich Soublet! 






Morp King and Queen!:







As you can see this was the best night ever.  Circle loves a party! 


That's all for today- stay tuned for information on our November show "Ragnarok" that simply would not be happening if is wasn't for all of you!