This Friday is a very big day for Circle Circle dot dot.  All the hard work and planning will come together as we host our first-annual "Morp" Fundraiser.  There has been a lot of excitement and questions about what to expect when you show up to the Space 4 Art on Friday night- and we are using this blog to answer all those questions the best way we know how- entertainingly!  


1. What is a "Morp"?  


A Morp is a backwards Prom.  This means it is happening in the fall, instead of the spring- intentionally.  And the only way to win Morp King & Queen to to dress the opposite of what you would for a prom.  Just to give you an idea- some of the Circle company members already have their attire planned out- Boys are wearing dresses, girls are wearing mustaches, and everyone is trying to out-do each other as much as possible.  The weirder the better!  We created a couple of commercials to help guide you and this one in particular captures the spirit of it:  


Wear what you want- but be creative!  Wave your freak flag high!  


2. What should I expect at the event?  


Besides a lot of crazy art kids ready to have a great time- much more.  

*We are planning a killer drawing that will feature amazing prizes like tickets to local shows, dinners at awesome restaurants, massages, photo packages, and some silly fun with Circle!  


*Speaking of photography, the incredible Rich Soublet will be present to snap you in your fab attire so you can always remember the fun you had at Morp!  Check out Rich's site for a little preview of what he is capable of HERE!.  


*We will have lots of cheap (but good- we ain't feeding you Miller High Life) Beer and Wine and eats for you to take advantage of.  With the price of your ticket- this will still be a cheaper night out than going to any local bar- PLUS you get to enjoy eats from two of the coolest food trucks in San Diego: 

Delicioso Food Truck AND Crazy Wheel

Both will be present- helping to make "Morp" your one-stop-total-fun-kinda-night....hyphen.  


*Finally!  We have not one but TWO local bands AND a DJ to help you boogie down all night!  The bands featured are the "We Forget and "The Parakeets"- lead by the amazing Company Member Soroya Rowley singing some of your favorite cover songs to get down to.  Here is a little peek of Soroya practicing with the band: 


There will be lots to see and enjoy in the beautiful Space 4 Art- inside and out.  We are working our butts off to keep you full, keep you entertained, and to give you your money's worth!  

Inside glimpse at Space 4 Art: 


Outside Stage Where the bands will wail!: 


Map for parking: 


*Why do I want to go to Morp?  


Because!  Not only will you be enjoying yourself to the Max, doing what you normally do on a great night out- drinking, partying, eating, and dancing the night away- but you will be helping Circle Circle dot dot get to do what they love to do- put on exciting experimental Community-Based original Theatre!  We had our very first read-though of our next play "Ragnarok" Monday night, and we know it is going to require a lot of creativity.  We are up to the challenge, and Morp is going to help us make it happen.  


So come!  Bring ALL of your friends!  Have fun, and we'll be there rocking out with you!  


Buy Tickets HERE, or show up at the door!  If you are coming from a show- make sure to ask for our "Working Actor" discount because we want you here too!  


Check out the rest of our commercials to get you in the mood!: 





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