Hey there Circle fans!  Did you know it is only 13 days until opening?!  We are well aware with how busy we have been while preparing for our show "Ragnarok".  Opening night is November 23rd, and we run until December 10th- so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to check it out!  The first weekend will feature some very fun (to be announced) special/themed audience nights, so stay tuned!  Until then we will be providing you with some fun teaser-info about what is coming your way. 

Photo by Rich SoubletFirst, we proudly announce that our Lobby Display will be featuring the amazing art work of Michael Mahaffey, an incredibly talented local stencil/sketch/spray-paint artist who has agreed to create an installation themed around the characters of "Ragnarok"!  Here is a bit about Michael from his bio on his Etsy site (where you can also preview some of his fantastic work):

I am an artist obsessed with contradiction. I love mixing together opposing elements and celebrating the results. I feel like I have a kind of artistic ADD...I love working with all different kinds of mediums. I grew up using pens and pencils and then switched to pastels when I saw how smoothly they could be blended and how saturated and solid the colors could be represented. I'm currently working primarily with spray paint and stencils and I very much enjoy the variety of outcomes these seemingly simple tools allow. I love working with icons - easily recognized visuals that I can apply my own agenda to and then offer up a new vision. The goal is sometimes for social commentary, sometimes humor, but hopefully always intriguing. 

 Photo by Rich Soublet

Michael, a friend of one of our talented cast members- James P. Darvas, came to the very first reading of "Ragnarok" and found himself inspired by the themes presented through the characters as well as the way Circle works to collaborate with different kinds of art in order to fulfill the telling of a story.  His idea for our Lobby display is another element of story-telling that we are thrilled to incorporate in our audience's performance experience of "Ragnarok".  Here is a blurb about his installation piece titled "The Ragnarok Files":

My idea for this installation was not to create images taken directly from the script, but rather, try to create images I felt the characters in the play would gravitate toward. In this way I can attempt to extend the set and themes from the show out into the real world and help acclimate audience members immediately upon entering the theater.

I love the concept of this play, and am excited to see this story of these 'live action role players' (Larpers) brought to life. There's a very 'Comicon' and playful vibe to the production that I was attracted to right from the start. I've known many types of gamers and am no stranger to the Comicon crowd, so I'm excited to provide what I can to help set the scene.

The images I'm creating all deal with fantasy and sci fi. I'm throwing together a mix of familiar and lesser-known subjects, all meant to be fun and interesting while helping set the tone for an evening of adventure and dork-friendly drama.

He is fantastic!  And his work is already starting to shape up beautifully!  We are completely honored that our piece inspired him and that we are providing him a venue to show is fabulous work.  Check out a sneak-peek he put together for us:  





Unicorn Exploration

Thank you so much Michael! This work will all be on display and for sale in the 10th Ave. Theater lobby throughout the entire run of 'Ragnarok'- and you'll be incredibly surprised by how affordable his work is. 


So get those "Ragnarok" tickets folks!  There is so much meticulous planning going into this production- Lobby display and all- and we want you there!  



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