It's a-coming!  Ragnarok will be here Wednesday the 23rd at the 10th Ave. Theater, and there simply is no stopping it!  We are working our butts off- sometimes until the wee hours of the night making sure that this production is wonderful.  Last night we had our first real run-through with lights and sound, and everything is shaping up fabulously.  We have a couple more dress rehearsals before we open and then BAM!  Get your tickets!  The buzz is brewing around this one. 

This week we asked the beautiful and amazing Sam Ginn, who is of course a CCdd company member and featured performer in "Ragnarok", to write us a blog about her experiences so far in the world of LARPing and working on the production.  Here is what she had to say: 


I was born into a family who LOVES sports.  Every Sunday I know that when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing a game on T.V., I must not talk.  Only during commercials.  Even then, it was questionable.  I often wondered how a blonde theatre nerd like myself was birthed into a family of brunette jocks.  I often pondered if my mother was close with the blonde milkman who liked to tap dance to our door.  But no.  She was not close with him.  Probably because we had no freakin milkman.  Seriously, who has a milkman?  ........I was definitely apart of this family.  We have always loved each other for our differences, yet, through this journey I am taking with "Ragnarok," I've discovered we're not so different after all.  

It is a Sunday.  Sunday is a not only a big day in the Ginn Household, but a big day in the LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) community.  It is the day where dozens of people around San Diego come to Morley Field.  They depict characters from table top games and battle one another. There are foam swords, hammers, shields, people in uniforms, spectators, and lots of enthusiasm.  Since "Ragnarok" is based off the true life stories of these people, I decided I needed to experience this first hand.  It was time to step onto the field.  

What's my game plan?  Do I have a strategy?  I was trying to remember everything that sweet man from "The Blind Side" taught me.  But all that kept running through my mind was Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar for that crap. I approached the LARPers nervously.  To my amusement, they were nothing but welcoming.  They talked to me about their Sunday rituals, their reasons for loving the activity......the whole nine yards.  I was ecstatic they were so willing to share with me.  But I knew they had a game to be play, so I handed them some flyers for our show, and watched from the sidelines.

"HEY YOU!"  I heard a player from the field say to me.  I did the double take.  ""  He nodded, and then preceded to offer me his shield and sword.  It was game time. Suddenly the soundtrack to "Jock Jams" start echoing throughout my mind.  I did a couple hammy stretches and walked my out of shape ass to the huddle.  Our mission:  To be the last ones standing.  Suddenly, there were lots of guttural cries and I was in the midst of a battle zone.  I even ended up making two kills!  Granted, they were boys about 4 foot tall and probably in junior high, but damn, it felt good.  After 3 games, I decided to say my farewells and head home.  

I've been thinking about how much fun I had with my LARPing adventure.  There was padding, passion, players competing for a common goal.  I am already looking forward to another Sunday where I can go back and play again.  Maybe my family and I have much more in common than we thought.  We enjoy the thrill of putting on a uniform and escaping to that place of raw emotion. All the world's a stage :)

Thank you for your words and dedication to the show Ginn!  You do not want to miss her in this one folks- so get on it!  Stay tuned for some information on special events we have planned for our first weekend in an extra blog coming atcha this Sunday, as well as some fun commercials we are putting together to give you a little sneak peak on what's to come!   

Excitement central in the land of Circle Circle dot dot! 

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