Howdy Friends! 

It's really hard to believe that Circle's second show is coming to a close this weekend.  We have received such fantastic support this time around- and in a lot of ways we really feel grounded and steady with our place now in San Diego.  We still have a lot to learn....but with this show we found our sea legs. 

We have two showings of "Ragnarok" left, and I hope you can make it.  I am proud of the script, the cast, the designs, and everything about the production.  We are growing San Diego, and we sincerely want you to watch us do so.  Every production we make is going to be different- I mean hell, our next show is about Drag Performance Art (coming to the 10th Ave. Theater late March!!).  We are going from Live-Action Role-Players to Drag, and we are doing it with total excitement. But while each production is going to be different- we hope that we continue to grow in our ability to execute our creative ideas with more and more clarity and professionalism.  It's impossible not to grow as you get these things right.  It's impossible not to grow as a human as you work in the world of Community-Based Theatre.  Each story changes you.  The LARPers will always be a part of me now, and soon the fabulous performers of 'Lips' will be as well.  I am so fortunate to be able to work this way.  I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful participants in this project making it work so beautifully. 

Thank you all for being here as we take our first steps and for supporting us as we do something terrifying.  I hope that you continue to be part of our family.  I hope that you continue to like what we do!  And if you don't, well I hope you'll give us a chance to change your mind- because we aren't going anywhere. 

Let's battle out the weekend together at 'Ragnarok'!


-Katherine Harroff