This weekend was quite possibly too much fun.  Too much in the fact that I am still recovering for the second day after all the fun that was had.  So let's get into it!

Friday night was the big day at the Museum of Photographic Arts!  Crystal worked her butt off to edit the video of all the awesome puppet pictures that Rich took, and turned it into a really fun stop-animation film.  She really deserves 90% of the credit in getting it all done.  Crystal-  you have proven yourself to not only be a huge asset to our group, but an inspiring and gifted artist.  I feel so blessed to be working with you, and I love you!

The way we were set up to perform was as an "opening act" to the Puppet film fest, along with a couple other puppet acts including the awesome "Strings and Things," and the gracious hosts of the evening- Animal Cracker Conspiracy.  We were set up in the Gallery with a projection, and Brendan/ Evan read a bit of the scene leading up to the film, and the monologue that describes the action in the film.  It was hilarious.  We got a great reaction from the crowd, and seemingly a lot of people interested in us!  Buzz!

Here are some pictures that doesn't really do how cool it was justice- but I wanted to share.  There were some professional shots taken as well, so hopefully I'll grab them when I can.

I had to write down something to say.  There were at ton of people there, and I had to introduce us right!

I figured Evan would secure our female/gay audience's intrigue.  Look at that putum!

Puppet shenanigans!

We had support!  The majority of the company made it out, and a couple friends-of showed us love!  This is the lovely Matt, a friend of the beautiful Ashley.  Sam was very much enjoying the wine at this event.

All in all, it was a wonderful start of the long journey that will be mounting this show, and creating enough intrigue to build a company that can have staying power.

Saturday night we went to see beautiful company member Soroya strut her stuff as a questionably-gendered German Ringleader at the Ruby Room's Circus-themed event.  Check out how awesome she is:

How hot is she?  Her performance inspired 'Circle Circle dot dot' to probably get more 'festive' then we should have.

And finally, Sunday was a day of reading, schedule-maneuvering, and final casting choices for the show!  I am happy to announce the final cast of "The Break Up Break Down":

Missy: Soroya Rowley

Tommy: Brendan Cavalier

Kaitlyn: Crystal Mercado

Alvie: Evan Kendig

Sandra: Sam Ginn

Jay: Patrick Kelly

Mel: Melissa Coleman Reed

Jane: Wendy Savage

Cecily: Jacque Wilke

Ivan: Kyle Sorrell


After some final connections with two beautiful local actresses- all of the pieces fell together.  From now until our reading in April we will be working on physical explorations in the studio- and I will be documenting all of it!

Thanks everyone for reading.  This continues to get more and more exciting with each passing week.