So, I needed to post something and I didn't really feel like it.  BUT I promised I would write consistently, so here I am.  I knew this would happen.

Things are still happening, grants are still being applied for, but I didn't have a rehearsal this last weekend, so I don't have any fancy pictures, or immediate news.  The lull before the storm I suppose.  (:

So, to tide you over until more fulfilling content, I shall leave you with a super-sexy picture of Soroya:

I am a huge fan of Soroya.  We met while working together in a touring kids show.  She played an autistic little boy, and I played her 16 y/o babysitter.  She always shows up, is always on time, is always enthusiastic, and is enormously committed.  I love her ability to take risks- and to perform with total fearlessness.  I have admired her strengths, and am so happy to have her as part of our company.

So, I guess whenever I have a lull in content I will brag about my company members.

This Sunday will be the very first non-living room script exploration, so I'm sure there will be plenty more to talk about then.