Hi everyone!  CCDD had an awesomely fun weekend-yet again.  It seems like ever since we started working on this project every weekend brings some other component of prep for the show that is highly enjoyable.  On Saturday we took some publicity pictures of two of the couples in 'The Break-Up/Break-Down" so I could start designing the show postcards, and so that we could have them for print ads, etc.  Once again, the awesome Rich Soublet headed over to our insane asylum and hooked us up with some fabulous shots.  First meet Tommy and Missy (Brendan Cavalier and Soroya Rowley) sharing an intimate date night:

Here is another adorable shot of the happy couple:

We also took a couple of great shots of Sandra and Jay (Sam Ginn and Patrick Kelly) during a romantic rendezvous.  Check them out:

One more loving shot:

There is a very specific idea in my head that I needed these images for and I'm glad they came out so beautifully.  I am hoping to get shots with all five of the couples soon.  Thanks Rich!

Also, here is a blooper shot that we think would be perfect for Brendan's e-harmony profile:

The lady that bags this man is going to be a lucky one.

Moving on, Sunday night's rehearsal was AMAZING!  We worked out all the kinks of the shadow work that is happening in the first scene collaboratively.  I must say, I was a little worried about how it would all work out but the little Crystal Mercado goddess came in and soothed all my worries away with her limitless creative power.  Combine that with the shear insanity that is Brendan and Soroya together and it was not only fabulous, it was exactly what I wanted.  Ashley and Patrick were both there lending their expertise, and I realized exactly what these workshops need to be- as many people in the group coming forward and sharing ideas to make this piece not only work- but rock.  And I really saw that happening on Sunday.  Thanks guys!

More soon!

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