Hey everyone!  CCDD has had yet another exciting week of development, and networking in amazingly beautiful San Diego.  I don't know about anyone else, but ever since this project came into existence  it seems like life has become a lot more fun.

I'm using our blog post this week to talk about the blessing that is Kickstarter.  Have you heard about it?  If you are an artist, or just someone who has an idea- I strongly encourage you to take a look at this site and take the time to create your campaign to help you raise funds for your project.

Low and behold- CCDD  has a project that we thought was perfect for the site!  Our launch play happening this summer absolutely needs funds in order to pay for our space, build a set, create costumes for 10 amazing actors, and promote our longevity as a company.  So we got to work.

CCDD launched our campaign last Wednesday at midnight- but we took a lot of time to try and make the perfect page.  We met, wrote a script to create a film that could showcase us and our project, came up with incentives to try to encourage people to donate to our cause, filmed our video, agonized over our inability to make a perfectly edited video, eventually came to terms with it, and posted the campaign.

Since Wednesday- less then a week ago- we have already raised over $2000!  We must reach our $4000 goal by April 30th in order to get all of the money- and with this amazing start- I don't think we'll have a problem.  I don't think.....I hope not.  It's stressful!

This whole week I have been getting these amazing e-mails that have notified me of new backers.  Friends, family, strangers- people all interested in our project- have already donated to help us out.  We have gotten donations as small as $1 and as big as $500- and we couldn't be more grateful.  It's exciting- but it's also stressful, so I'm writing to hopefully give us another boost throughout the campaign.

We have hundreds of people coming to this blog every week.  Hi!  I don't know who you know or how you found us, but thank you for being interested.  Are you interested in seeing our show?  Well, one of our incentives to donating to our Kickstarter campaign is pre-sale tickets to our show this summer!  $25 gets you one, $50 gets you two AND a drink ticket!

So, if you're visiting, because you care about that fabulous Brendan Cavalier, or the sultry Soroya Rowley- get those tickets and help us out!  Does Sam Ginn make you pee-laugh like she does me?  Have you ever hugged Wendy Savage as hard as I have?  Does Evan Kendig make you dream naughty things?  Does Patrick Kelly make you swoon with his sexy ballads?  Do you know how awesome of an actor Kyle Sorrell is?  Does Jacque Wilke give you joy?  Is Melissa Coleman-Reed your idol?  How about Crystal Mercado?  Do you have any idea what that woman is capable of?  I do.  I know about every single one of these fabulous folks.  And I've got 'em ladies and gentlemen- rocking up the stage and I've also got the amazing Ashley Toolan AD-ing this beast, and your donation will help CCDD make them rock even harder then they already will- and you'll be able to get your reserved ticket out of it.

I'm not going to stink up this blog begging for money.  I would never create a campaign that didn't give back- so check it out- check out all our awesome incentives, check out our poorly-edited, but boldly-performed video, and share it with everyone you know- if you feel so inclined.

Help us make our launch project rock your socks off!

Here is our site:


Every little bit helps- and thank you, thank you, thank YOU!  Everyone who has already donated- you are AMAZING!  You are making our crazy dreams come true. We love you!